New opportunities to help children

Distributing food through the crisis has connected us with some of the poorest families in the Lviv Region. We can help by providing food, activities for the children and support for education. By getting to know children and their parents we can link them with our programmes for better opportunities.


Helping Children
April 13, 2019

Specialist training to support foster parents across Ukraine

The world leading Secure Base model of care for children was taught by research professor Dr. Mary Beek from the University of East Anglia at our two day workshop.
Helping Children
April 13, 2019

Job orientation and interviews at a footwear factory

Care in Action regularly facilitates job orientation programmes, where we provide teenagers in care with insight and skills necessary for a successful start in the world of work.
Helping Children
March 28, 2019

40 teenagers enjoy a weekend of career coaching

Care in Action’s camp was packed full of life skills and career counselling to prepare young people for an independent life.
Helping Children
September 30, 2018

Partnerships in Malawi

In Malawi we support two community based organisations so children can have the care and education to improve their lives.
Helping Children
July 10, 2018

Talents in Action festival 2018

The festival is a flurry of fun activities designed to help children discover new interests, showcase their talents and build self-esteem, and there are special workshops for caregivers too.
Helping Children
June 28, 2018

Family Camps - Training and fun for foster families

Care in Action was proud to host 128 parents and children in 2 four day camps designed to improve the quality of foster parenting through support and training events.
Helping Children
May 09, 2018

Teens in care are given a voice through Time 4 Tea

“Perhaps for the first time ever,” noted Youth Worker, Yaryna Ponizhay, “I witnessed how adults, all very influential people in L’viv, were listening to the children.”
Helping Children
April 04, 2018

Training for Future Mentors

Personal mentoring is commonly recognised as one of the most effective ways to support children in care.
Helping Children
January 10, 2017

English Camp for foster families

How can children in care prepare to earn a living? There are plenty of ways and everyone needs to find their own. But a couple of universal skills top the list for paying back future value, and one of these is good working English.