Today we know a girl in Malawi who would love to go to secondary school but can't afford the fees. In Ukraine there is a care leaver on her own at 15 years old who desperately needs help. New foster parents are taking in a child who has experienced trauma and they need our advice and support to provide a secure home.

With your donation we can give another child the opportunity to have a better life.

  • €7 helps a child with a better chance at university with one month's professional tutoring to get the grades needed for a free state scholarship in Ukraine. 

  • €30 helps a care leaver get his first job and become independent by paying for a specialist to lead a job skills training event.

  • €105 gives 25 children in care the gift of art therapy and developing social skills.

And monthly sponsorship of €30 gives a child the individual support they need to make it through school and better their circumstances for life.

Can you donate to help another child today?

You can donate from anywhere in the world, online with PayPal or by bank transfer:

Care in Action eV
IBAN: DE82 7004 0041 0367 0700 02

On behalf of children in Ukraine and Malawi, thank you.

With your help we can change lives

Everyone who makes a donation or gives their time makes it possible for another child to have a better life. Thank you!

What people say about what we do

Liza Aleksandrova

With your help I was preparing for exams all year long. With the extra classes and tutors I passed the state exams in my school with the highest grades in all subjects! Now I am going to study even harder in Mathematics and English, because I want to be an IT specialist.
Child in care, Ukraine

Tymkiv Rostyslav

The representatives of Care in Action conduct efficient training and seminars aimed at improving children’s life skills and teaching professional parenting methods.
The Department for Children, Lviv City Council, Ukraine

Rostyslav Galelyuk

Do not bring children sweets and TV sets. Give them the tools and the knowledge that will take them into adulthood.
Care leaver, Ukraine

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