Who we are

Care in Action is a non-profit charitable organisation that was registered in Germany in 1998. Since then we have helped children in Ukraine, with a focus on long-term positive change. In 2005 we extended support to Malawi, Africa, where we sponsor education and fund community projects.

In Ukraine our sister organisation, турбота в дії (Turbota v Dii), was founded in 2011.

Who we are

Care in Action e.V.

Care in Action is registered in the court of Munich, Germany, with the purpose to help disadvantaged children, especially those without parental care, to grow up to succeed in life. Here are our governing legal Statutes.

Care in Action is governed by 20 Association Members. This includes Members of the Management Board, Chaired by Josef Lierzer and Dr Horst Goss, who have responsibility for legal matters. The Management Board meets monthly and on demand to keep up to date with development and contribute their expertise to strategic decision making. All Members give their time on a voluntary basis to support the charity.

The Executive Director, Jasmine Lehnis, is responsible for running the organisation in accordance with our Statutes, Mission and directives from Board Members. Co-Founder Janice Lehnis is employed part-time to support fundraising and administration.

More information about Care in Action’s governance, mission and work can be found in our comprehensive Annual Reports, available here.

Care in Action management, tax, registration and other details are also available here.

Turbota v Dii (турбота в дії)

“Turbota v Dii” (which is Ukrainian for Care in Action) was founded in Lviv, Ukraine, in 2011 as a sister organisation to Care in Action, to assist orphans and socially disadvantaged children and young people. Turbota v Dii is an independent non-profit organisation, which is also governed by a Board of Trustees, and holds Public Organisation tax status. Care in Action funds projects and development to encourage capacity building within the team and enable time to increase Turbota v Dii’s funding and partnerships.

At the end of 2023 Care in Action funded employment in Ukraine of 14 full-time and 6 project-based staff, and outsourced additional legal, financial and psychotherapy expertise. The team is led by Maria Boiko, Executive Director of Turbota v Dii.

Our Care in Action – Turbota v Dii team in Ukraine has a range of expertise, experience and skills, and a shared mission to bring lasting positive change for children. Maria Boiko (centre back) has been Executive Director of Turbota v Dii since 2020 and first started volunteering in 2010.


Key Partners in Malawi

Care in Action funds projects and provides Sponsorship of Secondary School, College and University education for children and young people with two Community Based Organisations in Malawi: Bloomfield Day Care Centre in Mulanje and GEMO Day Care Centre in Blantyre.

Jasmine Lehnis first got to know GEMO Day Care Centre and their Director Fatima Mauluka (centre back) in 2001. Jasmine did charity work in Malawi for 15 years, before moving to England as a Fundraiser and then becoming Director of Care in Action e.V.  in 2019.

Our Founders

Care in Action was founded in 1998 by Werner and Janice Lehnis, after they discovered the significant needs within orphan care in Ukraine and organised humanitarian aid and projects. This has launched programs that have embraced thousands of orphans. More of our history can be found here.

“Children need more than food, a roof over their head and basic education, they also need family, love and positive integration into society.” - Werner Lehnis

Care in Action Founders Werner and Janice Lehnis (centre) worked tirelessly to help children in Ukraine and support foster families.

If you would like more information or want to get involved, we are happy to hear from you.

Contact us

Jasmine Lehnis

Jasmine Lehnis

Director of Care in Action

[email protected] +447427022266

Languages: English, German

Janice Lehnis

Janice Lehnis

Co-Founder, Fundraiser

[email protected]

Languages: English, German, French

Maria Boiko

Maria Boiko

Executive Director of "Turbota v Dii" (Lviv, Ukraine)

[email protected]

Languages: Ukrainian, English

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