Children's lives changed

Through our work we see more previously disadvantaged children grow up to support themselves and be a positive part of society. Here we share some of their stories to show how we help to improve wellbeing, achieve quality education, and support their move into decent employment.

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children regularly use our Creative Hub in Lviv, most of them fled their homes


children have sponsors and mentoring to improve their education


beds for the night given to refugees to reduce children's trauma

Improving wellbeing


Vasilyna finds hope in dance

Vasilyna bravely tells of her fight to find a better life through dancing after a childhood of abuse, tragedy and institutional care. Her story shows the risks to finding decent work faced by so many vulnerable young people in Ukraine. Discovering a love for dance, and support from Care in Action to make this dream a reality, has changed her prospects for the future. You can read the full story in our News.

Vasilyna lost her mother in tragic circumstances, in dance she has found a better way to live.

Anna finds community and sets career goals

When war broke out in the east of Ukraine Anna lost her home and fled with her Mum and sister to Lviv. They still struggle to earn a living five years later and the only time the girls have a decent meal is at the Crisis Centre. This is where we met Anna, when leading our STEP life and work skills workshops. Anna became an active volunteer, helping to organize activities at children’s homes, and has set herself the goal to become a graphic designer.

“I saw volunteers coming to help us at the Crisis Centre and it made me want to be like them. Through the STEP activities, I’ve become more confident and got over my fear of public speaking. I have developed career goals and recognised my strengths. I learned to understand my emotions and love myself.  I want to be a good example for other kids who are growing up in difficult circumstances. I am ready to work for it. Thank you for the opportunities you have given me”.

Anna has found a community of friends and enjoys volunteering with the Teens in Action club.


Developing potential

Iryna gets into university

Iryna and her two younger brothers were raised in a state care institution, due to neglect by her alcoholic single mother and their extremely poor living conditions. Iryna dreamt of becoming a lawyer or a journalist, but she needed a tutor in English and history to meet the university requirements. With the support of our STEP programme, sponsorship and tutoring, Iryna has achieved her goal. She attained a state scholarship and is now studying Journalism at the Ivano Franko University in L’viv.

By getting into university Iryna has better opportunities for life

Promise and Wiseman improve their education in Malawi

After Promise was orphaned she was raised by her Aunt who sells tomatoes. Her Aunt and cousins didn’t understand her ambition to study, and told her that instead of reading she should look for a husband and have children. In Malawi only 54% of children make it to the end of primary school, where there can be 160 children in a class. Promise was dertermined to succeed, and with our sponsorship to pay for secondary school she achieved excellent grades. She is now at university, studying to be a Child Health Nurse.

Wiseman also couldn’t afford to pay for secondary school, but with our help he graduated and has attained a diploma in Computer Engineering, a very marketable skill. 

“Without Care in Action I just can’t imagine where I would have been now. This programme helped me with all my needs for secondary school. To say the truth I am here because of this programme.”

These young people could go to high school because of sponsorship, including Promise (front, 3rd from left) and Wiseman (back right).


Succeeding at independent life

Yulia escaped abuse and became independent

A girl who we'll call Yulia grew up in a children's home along with all 8 of her siblings. For several years she took part in our development programs and slowly grew in confidence. During a job orientation programme, Yulia, a shy and reserved girl, developed an interest in sewing, decided to become a professional seamstress and signed up for vocational school.

We were devastated to learn she had then been forced into prostitution by her alcoholic father during a mandatory visit to her natural parents, both alcoholics. She ran away, and was so ashamed she almost broke off her studies.

With our support, a bed in a dormitory, and encouragement, Yulia decided to keep going. At the internship at our partnering firm she did well and finally graduated. Since two years she has been working full time. Yulia is now standing on her own two feet. We are thrilled to see how she has become a confident, happy and dependable young lady. 

This short film shows how young people gain work skills through our partnership in the textile industry.


Diana found a career as a nurse

With years of support for education from a sponsor and help from our team, Diana completed her studies in medical college and found a job as a nurse. Diana says

“Your example of kindness is the value that drives me to be better”. 

Diana has a career as a nurse, thanks to our support.

We give our heartfelt thanks to our donors, who make it possible for our team to work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and help them to change their life for the better.

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Helping Children
June 10, 2024

Care for Carers: new horizons in promoting family care

Our work in the field of foster care has seen significant growth in 2024. Key highlights are progress with promoting emergency foster care, collaboration on a guide for Social Workers at new Resilience Centres, and the start of a partnership with the Dzherelo Centre and UNICEF Ukraine to improve social services in Lviv, Zakarpattia and Volyn Regions.
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June 04, 2024

Creative Activities are Building Children's Resilience

Over 150 children in Lviv and rural communities are developing self-expression and resilience through our creative Aid in Wartime projects. This helps children who lost their homes because of war and local children who are parentless or in crisis.
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April 17, 2024

STEP Forward: Empowering Teens for Success

Our STEP program helps teenagers who are facing challenges to become independent and successful young adults. We are building their resilience and career skills - and it's great to hear what this means to them! 291 teenagers joined STEP events in 2023, and as war affects their lives, we continue to help youth to prepare for the future.