Children's lives changed

In 2018 our support helped 7 young people qualify for university scholarships, and 4 graduates move into work or internships, including two medical graduates. There are hundreds of children reached through our programmes every year.


Children given educational sponsorship in Ukraine and Malawi 


Children given therapy and skills at 77 TOGETHER programmes


STEP job and lifeskills workshops

Without our support these children’s lives would be very different. Only 10% of children who have been raised in care in Ukraine will successfully integrate into society. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and only 20% of children complete lower secondary school.

We provide children in care with the people, services and opportunities that will strengthen, empower and prepare them to better their circumstances. We would like to show you how with the right social development, preparation and enough support, they can beat the odds.

After two years of education sponsorship,Thokozani Penda was able to pass her Malawi Secondary Certificate of Education exam with merits and will be selected to enter university.


Strengthened to succeed

Social connections and resilience can make a massive difference to wellbeing. Children in care can experience negative impacts to their physical and mental development and a high level of social marginalization and exclusion. Our comprehensive range of services support the child and their carer at any point in their development journey.

"At STEP activities I learned important life skills and met other teenagers who have similar life situations. I noticed that I became more confident and understood that only I am responsible for my life." – Igor Volubev, fostered youth, Ukraine

An orphan in Malawi gains confidence

Elesi Banda should have been in school at six years old. But she would run away to hide and was painfully shy. Her parents had both died of HIV related illnesses, and her brothers and sisters pulled together to keep the family going. After just four months of nursery school, Elesi stood confidently and smiled as part of the graduation ceremony. She learned to love learning and being in a group and was successful when she moved on to primary school.

Elesi Banda with Mary Gondwe, who runs Bloomfield Day Care Centre with support from Care in Action.

Our TOGETHER programmes give over 1,800 quality interactions a year, offering activities to develop self-esteem, communication and resilience. In Malawi the Day Care Centres we support prepare 160 children for primary school.

Empowered through education

Education enables development and independence for life. We identify children with potential who wouldn’t be able to access education without our help. With a combination of sponsorship, tutoring and personal development programmes, we see wonderful changes.

A care leaver enters university in Ukraine

Iryna Kovalchuk and her two younger brothers were raised in a state care institution, due to neglect by her alcoholic single mother and their extremely poor living conditions. Iryna dreamt of becoming a lawyer or a journalist, but she needed a tutor in English and history to meet the university requirements.

With the support of our STEP programme, sponsorship and tutoring, Iryna has achieved her goal. She attained a state scholarship and is now studying Journalism at the Ivano Franko University in L’viv.

In the care home Iryna actively joined our activities, now with monthly sponsorship she has education and independence.

58 of the most vulnerable children in Malawi and Ukraine receive monthly sponsorship through Care in Action, and 64 have individual mentoring and tutoring through Guardian Angel. Many more need our help to access education so they can have a better life.


Prepared for indepedence


Decent work is key to a successful, independent life. For children who leave care institutions, some as young as 15, there are many challenges. With job orientation, mentoring and support we can prepare young people for self-reliance.

A care leaver has help to start her career

“My name is Tetiana. I was brought up in a children’s care home since I was six. After leaving the care institution by the grace of God I entered vocational school to become a dress-maker and cutter. As a student my only income is my tiny state scholarship which is not enough to cover my basic needs like food or even personal hygiene products.

"I am so thankful for your support. It means a lot to me to know my life means something to you. Also it gives me a chance to become a good tailor and find a job to sustain myself. You are helping my dream come true.”

Tetiana is now independently pursuing her career as a seamstress.

180 teenagers develop personal skills, active citizenship and job skills through our STEP Programme in Ukraine every year, preparing them to thrive.


Get involved


These are just a few examples of lives improved, and more can be seen in our news. You can donate, give time or be a partner and help to change a life.

Give time

It's easy to do and we'll show you how! You can simply share our news or lend your skills and expertise. You can also challenge yourself with a fundraiser or introduce us to your school, church or workplace. 


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