Our Impact

We provide people, services and opportunities so each year 1,100 children in care in Ukraine and 200 children in Malawi can improve their wellbeing, develop their potential and have the opportunity to succeed at life.

There are more than 105,000 children raised in 751 care institutions in Ukraine. These children experience negative impacts to their physical and mental development and a high level of social marginalization and exclusion. Only 10% of children who have been raised in care will successfully integrate into society.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the endemic spread of AIDS has left many children orphaned and exposed to extreme poverty. Only 20% of children complete lower secondary school.

We help better the opportunities for vulnerable children in both countries, and with the right social development, preparation and enough support, they can beat the odds.

Children's lives changed for the better

To expand our reach so we can help more people in need we provide best practice care models, child development programmes and tailored support which has an impact on children within:

  • 20 families who have fostered 5 or more children
  • 11 children’s homes and shelters
  • 14 non profit organisations
  • Foster families and children from families at risk

As a result we see lives and prospects completely changed, like Yulia's.

Yulia is now happy and independent

Yulia grew up in a children's home along with all 8 of her siblings. For several years she took part in our development programs and slowly grew in confidence.

During a job orientation programme, Yulia, a shy and reserved girl, developed an interest in sewing, decided to become a professional seamstress and signed up for vocational school.

Yulia's name and image have been changed to protect her privacy.

We were devastated to learn she had then been forced into prostitution by her alcoholic father during a mandatory visit to her natural parents, both alcoholics. She ran away from them, and was so ashamed she almost broke off her studies.

With our support, a bed in a dormitory, and encouragement, Yulia decided to keep going. At the internship at our partnering firm she did well and finally graduated. Since two years she has been working full time. Yulia is now standing on her own two feet. We are thrilled to see how she has become a confident, happy and dependable young lady.

Watch how teenagers gain work skills through our partnership in the textile industry.

Children's lives changed

People like you are helping us to better the lives and opportunities of children in care. Find out more about how this helps children thrive... 

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Our impact on carers

The need for Care in Action's support and family camps for foster parents was explained well by Mykola Kuleba, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights:

 “A camp for foster parents can salvage the parents’ relationship! When an orphan comes to a family parents are very often left alone with their problems. Constant care for the children, insufficient support and sometimes isolation brought about by taking many children into the family can lead to the parents’ relationship going wrong. This increases the risk of divorce or trauma for the children they care for.”

In addition to offering regular workshops, support groups and private consultations throughout the year, our CARE 4 CARERS programme offers:

•2 Family Camps with workshops and activities for carers and their families
•3,000 copies of our ‘Parenting in Action' best practice journal distributed
•Training to introduce the ‘Secure Base’ model of care across Ukraine
Foster parents tell us there is a great need for this support and they can't find it outside of Care in Action. Many carers have commented on the benefits of the practical skills, support groups and problem solving we offer, and the real change this delivers for the children in their care.

Foster mother finds the support she needs

“I felt depressed and was at the verge of breaking down. It was the most difficult period for our family as four foster children had left with bad feelings between us. I couldn’t let it go, couldn’t cope with it and get over it. At your camp I met Mykhailo and Iryna, and my conversation with them helped me a lot. The counsel and knowledge I got at the workshops helped me to improve myself as a foster mother, to understand what I can change and what things I should let go of.” - Liza P.

Carers supported

We train and support carers, foster parents and social workers, so the children they open their homes and hearts to are provided the supportive relationships and environment they need to flourish. Here we show what we do every year and the difference this makes.

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With your help we can change lives

People like you are helping us to improve the lives and opportunities of children in care. Why not donate, give time or partner today?

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