Our Impact

Children who are orphans, have experienced trauma or are in ‘crisis families’ don’t have equal opportunities in Ukraine and Malawi. We help to give them the opportunity to succeed in life, working with 1,100 children in Ukraine and 200 children in Malawi every year to help them develop their potential. Our impact can be seen through the number of services we offer and most importantly through the lives that are changed for the better.

Improving children's lives

Here are some highlights from our services for children in 2019:

  • 72 children sponsored, including 19 young people who moved on to work or higher education
  • 1,933 children engaged in 93 programmes to develop art, social and personal skills
  • 65 children improved school grades and social skills with regular tutoring and mentoring
  • 105 STEP training events helped disadvantaged young people develop job and life skills
  • 205 children in Malawi supported in education, and a new building constructed for preschool children

The real impact is best seen in the lives of children like Diana who is now a nurse, Wiseman who is studying Computer Science, or Vasilyna who is dealing with the trauma of her childhood and following her ambition to be a choreographer. You can read some of these inspiring examples on our page Children’s lives changed.

Children's lives changed

People like you are helping us to better the lives and opportunities of children in care. Find out more about how this helps children thrive... 

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Supporting carers

2019 has been a significant year in the development of our services for carers. The support for foster type families continued in the form of ongoing therapeutic groups, training and family camps. To extend expert advice and support nationally we created a partnership to develop the Secure Base training programme, gave 17 specialists the skills and resources to deliver the programme, and brought training to foster parents in 14 regions of Ukraine.

Some highlights of 2019:

  • 2 Family Camps for 128 parents and children strengthened foster families
  • 4,000 Parenting in Action journals were produced and distributed to provide a national platform for expert caring advice
  • 36 training days in Providing a Secure Base for Children helped 336 carers to understand Attachment and improve caring skills

The individual examples of children’s lives that are better as a result tell of the real impact of our work with carers. Foster parents have told us of a girl who no longer runs away from home, a teenage boy who has learned to fit in with the family, and many other wonderful results of learning the skills of therapeutic parenting. Some of these stories are included in the page Carers supported.

Carers supported

We train and support carers, foster parents and social workers, so the children they open their homes and hearts to are provided the supportive relationships and environment they need to flourish. Here we show the difference we can make when carers have expert advice and support for stronger families.

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Why this work is important

Many children who don’t have the support of stable families fall behind in school, are socially marginalised and later cannot find decent work. The economic problems in Ukraine and Malawi make this especially challenging. The child protection system struggles to cope in Ukraine, with many children in institutions, and foster families who need support. Children in Crisis Families are at risk because of factors like disability, poverty, or parental neglect.

“There is alarming evidence that the child protection system in Ukraine is failing to provide children with adequate care. As of 1 September 2017, a total of 104,000 children were dispersed throughout Ukraine’s 759 institutions, with some of them accommodating 300-400 children per setting.” –Opening Doors for Europe’s Child

“When an orphan comes to a family, [foster] parents are very often left alone with their problems.” Mykola Kuleba, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights

Malawi is one of the ten poorest countries in the world. AIDS has left many children orphaned, exposed to malnutrition and in extreme poverty. Only 35% of children will enrol in secondary school. (UNESCO)

Together, we have a positive impact


We help to improve the opportunities for vulnerable children in Ukraine and Malawi, and with the right social development, preparation and enough support, they can beat the odds. We take a holistic approach that directly helps the individual child and improves their environment. By supporting carers and partnering with others, we’re able to make a greater, more sustainable difference.

People like you are helping us to improve the lives and opportunities of children in care. You can get involved and donate, give time or partner today.

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