How you can help

You can donate, give time or be a partner, so why not take the first step today? 

There are many more children in Ukraine and Malawi who could get the opportunities they need today to have better lives tomorrow. When we each do something it makes a world of difference. Thank you for doing what you can to make this possible!


Give Time

It's easy to do and we'll show you how! You can simply share our news or lend your skills and expertise. You can also challenge yourself with a fundraiser or introduce us to your school, church or workplace. 

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Be a Partner

You might like to partner with us by sponsoring a project, sharing expertise, or involving your team. There are workshops for children's development and carer training that need support. Or, perhaps there is something else?

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With your help we can change lives

People like you are helping us to better the lives and opportunities of children in care. Everyone who makes a donation or gives their time makes it possible for us to continue our mission.

What people say about what we do


I’m glad I met people like you at the Family Camp. It helped me to start believing that real and sincere friendship exists! I have started looking at this world from a different perspective, and now it seems to be a much better place.
Fostered child, Ukraine

Tymkiv Rostyslav

The representatives of Care in Action conduct efficient training and seminars aimed at improving children’s life skills and teaching professional parenting methods.
The Department for Children, Lviv City Council

Francis John, 17

In my life I could not manage to pay school fees because I am orphaned and I live with my grandparents who are old and they cannot afford to assist me. So I want to thank you for your sponsorship. This will encourage me to work hard in order to excel in life.
Sponsored child, Mulanje, Malawi

Contact us

We would love to hear your questions and ideas for how we can work together.  

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