Prepare children in Ukraine for winter

In Ukraine a difficult winter is here. Frequent power cuts mean no heating, no light, and freezing temperatures with snow outside. This risks children’s health and is very disruptive to work and study. We can help!

  1. Donations helped us to buy rechargeable lamps, gas burners, blankets and generators
  2. A donated minibus is heading to Ukraine in December with supplies and donated blankets and winter clothes
  3. In Lviv our team has identified children who need our help to prepare for winter, from families who lost their homes in East Ukraine, foster homes, and local families in crisis

The help for winter will arrive before St Nicholas Day in Ukraine: light and warmth is a wonderful gift for Christmas. Light in a power cut reassures babies as their mothers care for them, and is much safer than candles. Light means children can do their homework, and parents can cook on our gas stoves.

There are serious power shortages in Ukraine, as Russia has damaged half the electricity infrastructure and continues to send missiles. The Ukrainian government is advising how to prepare for winter, and families are asking for our help to buy what they need.

You can donate to help protect children in winter so we can help as many children as possible through these difficult times.

We would like to thank every donor who supports Care in Action: you make it possible for us to respond and give help where it can do the most good.

Want to help in other ways? Contact Jasmine at [email protected] to find out more.

Thank you, from Jasmine and all of us at Care in Action