Prepare children in Ukraine for winter

In Ukraine a difficult winter is approaching, and you can help us protect children’s health and education. This is how it works:

  1. You can follow this link to buy a blanket, heater, or other essentials from our carefully selected Amazon Wish List to help children in Ukraine: click here
  2. Your purchase will be delivered to in Zittau who have donated their services to securely receive and store your gift for Ukraine
  3. We will fill a large van with the supplies and deliver them to Ukraine, to help children in foster families and children who are in crisis because of the war

There are serious power shortages in Ukraine, as Russia is bombing infrastructure and may turn off the gas supplies. Children are also struggling with education, as because of safety concerns schooling is often online, and this is hard if you don’t have access. The Ukrainian government is advising how to prepare for winter, and families are asking for our help to buy what they need.

You can help! We have carefully selected items and shown quantities so it’s easy for you to buy exactly what is needed. There are A+ rated efficient electric heaters, but also blankets and coats if the electricity goes off. Laptops and tablets will give the gift of education and equality for children who are struggling to attend classes online.

Items range from 20€ to 249€. To limit the travel distance we have chosen options which ship from Germany, and found the storage in Zittau. By using the Amazon Wish List we can ensure that every item received meets the needs and is checked by our team in Ukraine. We need to get supplies to Ukraine by the end of November, so every item bought now helps us to deliver in time for winter!

If you can buy a gift for winter or education to help children in Ukraine, please click here

Want to help in other ways? If you shop with, and select Care in Action as your charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase, at no extra cost to you. Donations are also always welcome to help the work in Ukraine.

Thank you, from Jasmine and all of us at Care in Action