Supporting War-Displaced Families: a story of resilience and care

Our social support helps families who were forced to leave their homes due to the war. With individual care from 1,451 consultations in 2023, and in partnership with others, we enable stable homes where children can thrive. Each family are accepted as individuals and we want to show you the wonderful results.


Helping Children
August 16, 2023

Malawi – student progress and Cyclone relief aid

We can celebrate our first sponsored Teacher graduate, while 10 students continue their education in Opthamology, Nursing, Electronics and other essential professions. After the disaster of Cyclone Freddy we have given food, blankets and are helping to rebuild 24 homes. Though the majority of our work is in Ukraine, we hope you enjoy this update from our sponsorship and projects in Malawi.
Helping Children
August 16, 2023

Creative Hub - more children have fun, therapy and education

153 children and 125 adults joined Creative Hub events and programs in the second quarter of 2023. These activities build up children’s resilience and offer holistic education to make up for the challenges they face during war time. Here we also support families who lost their homes in wartime, or who are very low-income, to help them with a new start in life.
Helping Children
August 16, 2023

Shelter closes and social support continues

We have closed our shelter, after providing 38,218 beds for the night to families displaced by war since March 2022. Our support continues through our Creative Hub and social services. Our Social Worker has given 790 consultations in 2023 so far. This has helped children to enroll in school and families to find housing, social benefits, employment… and much more.
Helping Children
July 13, 2023

Summer camps for foster families rebuild inner strength

122 children and adults from foster families joined our two four-day summer camps. The holistic camp activities are designed to support family-based care in Ukraine through education, development and recreation. It was a time to build up inner resources and strengthen families with many happy memories.
Helping Children
July 11, 2023

101 teenagers discover culinary career top tips

101 young people - from children’s homes, from foster families, and from families internally displaced by the war - attended five, two-day STEP training camps which gave an introduction to the culinary industry. From cooking to etiquette, the teenagers had fun while learning about potential careers.
Helping Children
July 10, 2023

“Dreams come true” as new centre opens for children

“This centre opening is proof that dreams can come true.” A wonderful change came to Polonychi, with a community centre opened so our children’s activities there can now be state-funded. In same week we saw the devastating missile strikes on civilians in Lviv and how this can be terrifying for children. With our activities we build up children’s resilience and encourage them to thrive.
Helping Children
June 09, 2023

Yulia Ruda – getting over challenges to become a designer

This is a story about how support and faith in a child and their talent gives them the impetus to develop, move ahead with confidence and take on challenges. Yulia's example shows the wonderful outcomes of sponsorship and our care in action over 12 years.
Helping Children
June 02, 2023

Our aid gives children warmth, safety and new opportunities

Over the past six months, we have implemented several important humanitarian projects to support children from internally displaced families, families in need, orphans and children deprived of parental care.
Helping Children
April 25, 2023

Our Creative Hub is a place of strength and recovery

Children and parents play, learn and become stronger at our Creative Hub. As war continues to affect children’s school and everyday life we are responding to meet their needs. Through our work we see children happily engaging with activities, families who fled their homes adjusting to their new life, and children receiving aid and medical care.