Refugees find safety in hostel sponsored by Lions Club Karlsruhe-Baden

Some refugees in our hostel barely escaped the missile strike in Kramatorsk. Many went through heart-breaking experiences to get to safety. Thanks to our donors' generosity, we can provide housing for 125 children and their families who, leaving their entire lives behind, fled their hometowns and villages to find shelter and security.


Helping Children
April 18, 2022

New Care Centre welcomes refugees

The first refugees are moving in to our new Care Centre! And we have videos to give you a tour of the rooms and facilities. It has been an eventful week, both in Lviv as they set up beds and equipment that came in a large truck-full donated from Italy, and in Germany where our volunteers made a big push to buy the final supplies needed to make it a great space for children.
Helping Children
April 13, 2022

Securing food and education for children in Ukraine

“Nearly half of children in Ukraine may be at risk of not having enough food” – United Nations. We are increasing financial and education support for families through our Sponsorship programme so they can get through these hard times. Life is changing for children and students in our programmes, some have left Ukraine, and new families need our help.
Helping Children
April 07, 2022

3,500 people receive our aid in March

More than 3,500 refugees and people in crisis because of the war received our aid in March. They felt that they had the support of loved ones during a very difficult time. In total, we delivered 15 large vans with over 700 boxes of food, baby milk, toiletries, nappies, medicines, cleaning products, bedding, clothes and toys.
Helping Children
April 01, 2022

1,636 hostel beds and family shelter for refugees

In March 1,636 beds in hostels helped mothers and children fleeing conflict, 6 apartments and a large house allowed 9 families at a time to have a secure place to rest, and 3,500 children and adults received 783 boxes of aid deliveries. We will soon open an additional shelter and care centre.
Helping Children
March 29, 2022

Protecting children who don't have parental care

Care in Action is increasing our efforts to protect and assist children without parents in our region and throughout Ukraine. 562 children who are displaced from state care homes have received our aid, 55 foster style families have improved food security in our region, and 150 foster families in Kharkiv, Rivne and Zakarpattia Regions have help, thanks to our generous supporters.
Helping Children
March 23, 2022

“Children need help to feel more alive”

Our Together Programme activities are helping children to laugh and recover some normal emotions in their lives which are turned upside down by war. This also brings our volunteers and refugees together in a “volunteer family” where they feel a part of something and able to help.
Helping Children
March 18, 2022

Our aid is getting to refugees in war zones

Care in Action continues to use its network within Ukraine to supply large quantities of humanitarian aid to families and refugee shelters in Lviv and into the war-torn areas to the East.  Working with our public and NGO partners, we are expanding to provide assistance to the most vulnerable.
Helping Children
March 14, 2022

612 hostel beds, 374 people to the border, relief for refugees

Because of our longstanding presence and work in Ukraine, Care in Action is uniquely positioned to continue to provide urgently needed food, shelter and transportation to the growing influx of refugees in Lviv.  Thanks to your donations, we have been able to hire two more temporary members of staff to expand our operations in assisting mothers and children fleeing the war zones. 
Helping Children
March 10, 2022

Refugee babies and children get shelter and transport

As the humanitarian crisis intensifies in Ukraine our on-the-ground team of staff and volunteers in Lviv continue to provide shelter, transport and support to the growing number of refugees entering the region on their way to the border. Our priority is children, and most of the refugee families we are assisting are mothers travelling alone with small children.