Our shelter: 20,542 hostel beds and refugee stories

Since the war began we have helped people who fled their homes, giving comprehensive support in Lviv. In the first 7 months we provided these displaced people with 20,542 beds in hostels, and also provided housing to 40 women and children at a time in our "Care Center" and large family house. They tell their stories of escape, adjusting and finding security.


Helping Children
June 21, 2022

A month without sunlight before moving to Lviv

One of our hostels is home to 40 people who fled Russian aggression: here families have a safe place to stay in Lviv, along with care and counselling from Care in Action, so they can plan their next steps. We would like to thank Razom for Ukraine for financing 40 places at this hostel since May 2022. In total they have funded 4,360 beds for a night!
Helping Children
June 17, 2022

Refugees find safety in hostel sponsored by Lions Club Karlsruhe-Baden

Some refugees in our hostel barely escaped the missile strike in Kramatorsk. Many went through heart-breaking experiences to get to safety. Thanks to our donors' generosity, we can provide housing for 125 children and their families who, leaving their entire lives behind, fled their hometowns and villages to find shelter and security.
Helping Children
June 06, 2022

Over 1,400 boxes of aid - thousands of life stories

Hundreds of families and thousands of children and adults who arrived in Lviv after being displaced within Ukraine received humanitarian aid from Care in Action between March and May 2022. Behind these statistics lie hundreds of living stories: real faces that show sincere smiles and tears.
Helping Children
May 28, 2022

Food supplies for 2,500 refugees “lifts spirits”

Over April and May we have regularly supplied food to 2,500 displaced people in the Lviv Region. With donations we have bought essential food supplies, and also delivered donated food, clothes and aid. One of our partners wrote “Thank you for helping with the food, toiletries, and other help you bring. Every day, so many families come to request help and tell us their story. We feel so joyful that together we can help them with something. "
Helping Children
May 24, 2022

STEP Youth Camp in Lviv offers skills, stress relief and socializing

Teenagers have so little attention and communication in these times: there is high uncertainty, and an almost complete lack of support for education and training. So we are delighted that our 21st Century Skills Camp created a wonderful atmosphere for young people and an opportunity to gain skills. We will soon open a Children and Youth Centre to provide even more positive experiences and IT training for young people.
Helping Children
May 11, 2022

Our Care Centre for 30 women and children who fled the war

A month of war in Ukraine had passed, new people were coming to Lviv, and those who arrived earlier could not return as planned due to the dangerous situation in their hometowns and villages. We searched for a place where a crisis center could be set up as a stable home for mothers and children. We found the perfect place...
Helping Children
May 05, 2022

78 Foster families are helped through war-time challenges

78 Foster families express their gratitude for the material and psychological support that we are offering in wartime in five regions of Ukraine. "Your donation was very necessary for us, because the prices in Ukraine have increased a lot and we used your donation for groceries." Our 9 therapist-led support groups are helping foster parents and refugees to find solutions and give children the care they need.
Helping Children
April 27, 2022

Our Work in Germany to Support Ukraine

Care in Action continues to work tirelessly to support vulnerable children and families in Ukraine. The German volunteer team supports efforts in Ukraine through fundraising, procurement, collection and other assistance. “It is wonderful to see all that can get accomplished when people of good will put their hearts, heads, and hands to a common task.”  From all of us, we send a massive thank you to our donors who make our work in Ukraine possible!
Helping Children
April 18, 2022

New Care Centre welcomes refugees

The first refugees are moving in to our new Care Centre! And we have videos to give you a tour of the rooms and facilities. It has been an eventful week, both in Lviv as they set up beds and equipment that came in a large truck-full donated from Italy, and in Germany where our volunteers made a big push to buy the final supplies needed to make it a great space for children.