March 06, 2024

"Together" brings joy and new skills to over 500 children

“Together for Children” is the motto of our volunteers who join us to bring regular activities to over 500 children in care homes, crisis centres and communities in the Lviv Region. Together we give children the opportunity to develop skills and build their resilience, opening up possibilities they never knew existed.

There were 76 specialised workshops in our “Together for Children” program in 2023, where children had fun with cultural activities like drama, dance, music and crafts, and also with sports, games and quizzes to build their teamwork and logic skills. While the wide range of activities broadens horizons, our volunteers also develop positive relations with the children, which encourages self-esteem and ability to cope with challenges.

"You are one of the most effective organisations that visits our children. Thanks to the regular programs we see changes in children and their development. Even your Christmas program is very inspiring for children. Children remember and talk about your activities for a long time afterwards." - Vasyl, a tutor at the Harmony children’s home in Boryslav.

Special career-themed events that help children develop new interests and dreams are also part of the program.

After an eco-friendly activity when children learned about recycling, ten-year-old Andriy said:"I am very concerned about our planet. When I grow up, I'm going to open a plastic recycling factory."

The children also benefitted from 80 specialist art therapy sessions, to help them handle the anxieties of war and build emotional security, thanks to the financial and professional assistance from our partners DTCare.

For many years now, as Christmas comes around, “Together” events are a special opportunity for children to experience a fairy tale brought to life and have a good time with volunteers who visit them throughout the year. The drama performed and activities are fun and interesting: each scene carries a moral and children are inspired to learn new things.

412 chlidren joined our "Together" Christmas events in 2023

To help volunteers be as effective as possible we offer training and support throughout the year. We also have fun events, including camps, that build team spirit and the inspiration to help. Volunteers gain useful experience when they are involved in all stages of project planning and implementation.

Teamwork, expert advice and exchange of ideas are an integral part of our volunteer development – and we see good results…

"Being a volunteer for the NGO "Care in Action" means seeing children's lives change for the better. I want to mention that I also see it improves my life!"- Iryna Kamenska, Team Leader

From left to right: Communications training for volunteers, 4-week experience exchange in Germany, pottery workshop for team leaders.

"I can say with confidence that all of our “Together” activities have produced great results. We see children developing, trying new things, dreaming, discovering new talents, making new friends, becoming confident. So we will continue to focus on children’s development and visit them regularly, because half of the battle is for children to know they are supported, especially now in times of war. We will continue to involve specialists and train our volunteers so children have a happy and successful future." - Khrystyna Savchyn, Together for Children Program Manager

Khrystyna Savchyn presents at a "Together" event at the Chornobrytsi Centre in Polonychi

We would like to thank everyone who donates to Care in Action E.v., and all of our partners for their financial support!

We would also like to thank our team leaders and volunteers for their active participation and creative approach!

We are TOGETHER, for a brighter future for children!

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