September 27, 2023

Anna's Inspiring Journey - Join Us in Sponsoring Students Like Her

Anna is an enthusiastic, bright 19-year-old, studying Biology at Uzhgorod National University with the help of a sponsor. Several years ago, Anna and her siblings were orphaned when first their mother died unexpectedly followed a few years later by the death of their father.  Anna—the youngest in her family—and her siblings were initially supported by neighbors in their small village in Transcarpathia and subsequently Anna and her older sister Lilya were taken in by relatives. 

Anna's life, though difficult at times, radiates resilience and determination. Anna appreciates the care she has received since her parents died but needs financial support to continue her studies. Sponsorship money helps to offset the cost of books and materials as well as food and clothing, which are otherwise hard to afford. In her library the textbooks were outdated, with some from Soviet times, but the encyclopedias she bought with sponsorship money have reliably guided her studies.

Anna (left), her sister Lilya (right) and their older sister with her husband and children

Anna’s love of biology started in 6th grade thanks to her teacher, Maria Vasylivna, who filled her lessons with fascinating stories of plants and animals. Anna now loves her houseplants and checks each leaf when the morning sun arrives. Anna speaks enthusiastically about student life, and her dreams of working as a biology teacher or in a botanical garden.

Anna’s older sister Lilya, who was also helped by sponsorship, encouraged Anna to pursue her dream of studying biology. During Lilya’s university studies, a sponsor’s help to cover basic needs like food, clothes and books meant that she was able to focus on her studies and become a teacher. After graduating from university in 2023, Lilya left for the United States under the U4U program and is studying English intensively and integrating into life there. Both of the girls want to pay forward the kindness of sponsors that has been shown to them.

Isn't it wonderful that Lilya had the support she needed to graduate? Lilya and Anna have always been close, and sponsorship has encouraged their potential. Now they are separated by an ocean, but distance has not changed their close bond.

Sponsorship is not just financial support: it provides security, a strong foundation for personal growth, and sets an example of kindness which ripples further out into society as the sponsored teenagers become young adults who have developed their potential.

The war in Ukraine has interrupted school, friends and family have been lost, and more children are living in difficult circumstances. With our mentoring and the aid of a sponsor we can still help children, like Anna, to achieve their dreams for the future.

Would you like to sponsor a child in Ukraine?  With 30€ a month you can help a child have a better life and education. Care in Action has a well-developed program that bring positive changes.
Please contact Jasmine Lehnis at [email protected] to get started!

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