Introduction to Sponsoring a Child

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child with Care in Action, we hope you know how much your direct help will be appreciated. It’s such a joy when a child finally reaches their goals for education and careers, which would never have been possible without our help. We would like to inform you on how we manage the programme so you know how it works and how we are reaching out to more children.

Our goal: create a world where more young people succeed in life

Through sponsorship we see disadvantaged children develop their potential so they can grow up to become an independent and positive part of society. Sponsorship can be used to empower children and young people to:

  • improve their education
  • gain skills for decent work
  • have a lifestyle that supports health and wellbeing
  • have equal opportunities

Our commitments to you

  1. Sponsorship is used to provide personal support to the child selected
  2. We recommend children for sponsorship who have genuine need and potential
  3. We work with the child’s family to help holistically and select siblings fairly
  4. We check that funds are used carefully with priority for educational and essential needs
  5. You will receive two letters a year from the child you sponsor, with updates and photos when possible

How we use finances

  • 81% of your sponsorship is spent directly on the child
  • 19% of your sponsorship covers the cost of providing quality support which improves the child’s chances of success. This includes giving advice, moral support and monitoring for the children and families involved, as well as admin costs like bank transfers and posting letters.
  • In August children often take a break from tutoring, so if the funds for the month are not needed for the child they will go into a Sponsorship Fund. We use this Fund to cover additional needs for sponsored children, such as more tutoring before university entrance exams, and to give small grants to children who need help for their education but don’t have sponsors.

Sponsors can choose a monthly donation of between 30 to 50 Euro per child, depending on their budget and also the needs of the child. Some sponsors choose to fund more than one child and in this way may help a whole family to improve their lives. Sponsorship is not a contractual agreement and you can end at any time, please do inform us if you want to make a change.

When your child graduates

It’s a proud day when a child, who may now be a young adult, is able to support themselves. They may have completed their studies, be funded by a scholarship or become employed. Our careful monitoring helps us know when sponsorship can end. What happens next?

  • We will inform you in advance whenever possible
  • The child or young adult will understand that they can request help again if things change
  • Your sponsored child or their guardian will write you a farewell letter
  • We will ask if you would like to sponsor another child

We hope that you will choose to continue sponsoring a child with us after your child graduates, though we will be grateful for the support you have given whatever your decision. Another child who needs help will be introduced for you to consider and we can include your feedback when selecting a child. If your sponsorship donations continue and we haven’t heard from you, we will confirm which child will be linked to your support, and in future you will receive letters from them.

Let’s get started!

Please set up a monthly transfer to Care in Action, and we will send you information about which child you sponsor and why our help is important. We will send additional guidance about communicating with your child and sending gifts, which must be done via our Administrators. Please also let us know your address so we can send you letters, and an annual donation receipt to cover donations received in the previous year.

Care in Action e.V.
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Thank you for changing a child’s prospects

There are children we know who could really benefit from sponsorship. Like Valentyna, who is 12 and does well at school, but her siblings used to be in institutional care because their widowed mother has a very low income. If you feel inspired to tell a friend about sponsoring a child with Care in Action, please do! We will happily introduce a child from Ukraine or Malawi who has genuine need and potential.

You may like to know about how we select children for Sponsorship, if sponsors can exchange letters, and why we do it - the benefits that children see as a result. 

Thank you again for being a hero to a child, giving them a better chance to succeed in life. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

Best regards,

Jasmine Lehnis

Director of Care in Action

[email protected]