August 16, 2023

Creative Hub - more children have fun, therapy and education

153 children and 125 adults joined Creative Hub events and programs in the second quarter of 2023. These activities build up children’s resilience and offer holistic education to make up for the challenges they face during war time. We also support families who lost their homes, or who are very low-income, to help them with a new start in life.

The Creative Hub celebrated its first anniversary on International Children's Day. The children were entertained, completed an exciting quest and drew a dream map with their parents. Finally, the children broke open a piñata together and enjoyed treats and prizes. It’s wonderful that we can give these happy experiences to children who have experienced so much anxiety and upheaval as a result of war.

"Thank you for such a wonderful day! The emotions are overwhelming, we are amazed! You have done a great job. My children love the Hub. My children Bozhenka and Alinka can’t wait to be there again." - Svitlana, mother of a large family in Lviv

New participants are joining us all the time- families who were forced to leave their homes because of the war and local families going through difficult life circumstances. We involve them in family art therapy sessions and invite parents to participate in workshops, quests and excursions. In addition to strengthening family relationships and reducing their anxiety, participants have the chance to get to know each other and share useful information.

The Creative Hub is constantly developing... in three months it has provided:

  • 29 workshops
  • Daily child care
  • 17 English lessons for teenagers
  • 45 hours of tutoring 
  • 22 excursions
  • 3 five-day camps for schoolchildren and teenagers
  • 103 sessions of art therapy in cooperation with DTCare
  • Aid for children, including shoes, blankets and clothing

In the school holidays we introduced five-day camps for schoolchildren, with 30 children joining these three very popular camps. A variety of workshops revealed the hidden talents of the participants, while interesting excursions broadened their horizons. The children learned about the profession of a patrol officer, attended film screenings and had art therapy classes. It felt like a worry-free holiday.

"Thank you so much for the camp! For the opportunity for the children to experience a real holiday with unforgettable memories and to escape from the terrible reality. I am immensely grateful to the organisers and everyone involved in the creation of the camp." Mum Iryna, displaced from Kherson

We recognised the need for outdoor activity, so another new development is playground visits and tennis lessons for children who attend the Creative Hub. The children who attend our day care every day have already become good friends - they celebrate birthdays and prepare holiday performances for their parents together with their teachers.

A grant from Sternstunden has helped to fund these activities along with donations to Care in Action. Many local partners in Lviv help by donating services and excursions which enrich children’s perspectives, such as the Secret Pharmacy, Molode Steblo Farm and the State Museum of Natural History. As part of our social services we also work with partners to improve the quality of life for families in difficult life circumstances and families who were forced to leave their homes because of the war, such as the Danish Refugee Council and NEEKA.

The Creative Hub is a space where joy is multiplied and anxiety decreases. Thank you for your support!