Refugees find safety in hostel sponsored by Lions Club Karlsruhe-Baden

Some refugees in our hostel barely escaped the missile strike in Kramatorsk. Many went through heart-breaking experiences to get to safety. Thanks to our donors' generosity, we can provide housing for 125 children and their families who, leaving their entire lives behind, fled their hometowns and villages to find shelter and security.


Helping Children
February 21, 2020

Guardian Angels step up to mentor children

17 people joined our 3 day course to learn about mentoring, the special needs of children who need our support, and how to help in the best way, so more children will have the individual support they need to thrive.
Helping Children
January 13, 2020

Sponsorship for higher education in Malawi

This year 23 young people who are hardworking and bright, but can’t afford to pay school fees, have access to secondary school in Malawi through Care in Action. This is opening opportunities for work and higher education.
Helping Children
January 13, 2020

Helping children and communities in Malawi

See how we are improving lives through education in Malawi, helping 190 children prepare for primary school with good nutrition and early learning. Here are our updates and plans…
Helping Children
December 10, 2019

TOGETHER for children at Christmas

You know it’s Christmas at Care in Action when you see smiles on hundreds of faces, as volunteers, children from institutions and our local partners come together to share love and laughs and celebrate the year together.
Helping Children
October 17, 2019

Career development at our English Camp

55 teenagers who need support came together for two full days of career building while learning English, having new experiences and making friends.
Helping Children
August 27, 2019

Training to boost foster parenting

Strong foster families make a world of difference for children who need care. We are rolling out a training programme to support foster parents so they can give children the Secure Base they need.
Helping Children
August 12, 2019

Igor: from an orphanage to independence

Igor tells his story of going from institutional care to a foster family, and how Care in Action has helped him on his journey to education and independence.
Helping Children
July 04, 2019

Camps to strengthen foster families

Foster families were strengthened at our Family Camps with fun, training, and support from like-minded people. 130 foster parents and children joined our camp this year and you can see how much they loved it!
Helping Children
May 15, 2019

Talents in Action festival 2019

This annual festival for children in care is a celebration of talent, culture and the chance to discover something new. We also connect with foster parents and the media to raise the chances of including these children in school.