June 06, 2022

Over 1,400 boxes of aid - thousands of life stories

Hundreds of families and thousands of children and adults who arrived in Lviv after being displaced within Ukraine received humanitarian aid from Care in Action between March and May 2022.

  • 1,401.5 boxes of humanitarian aid were distributed – including food, toiletries, clothing, medicines, toys and bedding
  • 12,533 people benefitted - from displaced families and local families in difficult life circumstances 
  • 13 aid distribution centres, 22 shelters for Internally Displaced Persons, 7 orphanages with evacuated children and 1 hospital were provided with assistance

Behind these statistics lie hundreds of living stories: real faces that show sincere smiles and tears. Refugee families also visit our own aid distribution centre at our office every week. Today, Lilia Volodymyrivna (photo bottom left) visited our office to ask for help, on the day of her 69th birthday. Mrs Volodymyrivna came to Lviv with her 18-year-old granddaughter and 6-year-old grandson. The family is very grateful for the help provided, but they really want to return home, to Mariupol, which Mrs Volodymyrivna mentions with tears in her eyes.

These cute girls (bottom right) who we settled with their families in our partner hostel, benefit from our new creative and educational space, which we opened on June 1st – we will write more about this soon!

Brother and sister Alexey (22 years) and Elena (19 years) from Severodonetsk, who live in one of our rented hostels, have also been helped at our aid distribution centre. Both of them have enjoyed joining in with our STEP and Together activities. Some good news is that Alexey has found a job as an administrator in the hostel where he lives. Elena is studying online, and comes to us to help sort humanitarian aid. We see positive changes within the women who come to sort aid: though somber when they started, they now smile and laugh more often as they work, and discuss their ideas and how they can find work.

Thank you to all of our donors who help Care in Action to finance the procurement of food and distribution of aid. We appreciate the support of Ukrainians in Karlsruhe, and the regular deliveries of large quantities of humanitarian aid from our Polish partners Szlachetna Paczka Lubaczow. Thank you also to our volunteers, including refugees, for their help with unloading and sorting!

Here you can learn more about the purchase of food and their regular supplies to settlements where there are a large number of Internally Displaced Persons.