The war has far-reaching effects on children. Air raid alarms, the loss of friends and family, and stress affect their education. Poverty is increasing. But with our 25 years of experience and holistic methods, we can protect children and help people become independent so they can help themselves. Our help gives hope to believe, "We are strong - we can do it!"


Our Care in Action team in Lviv is helping children affected by the war, but we need your help too.

How donations help

prepares a child for school by buying school supplies like books and shoes
supports education with a grant for supplies such as hairdressing equipment
funds 7 Support Groups with a Therapist for foster parents for a month
gives a new pair of quality shoes to a child who lost their home

Through our camps and activities we strengthen children's resilience, improve their education, and help them to succeed in the face of life's challenges.