Sponsor a Child

You can give a vulnerable child in Malawi or Ukraine the opportunity to develop their potential and improve their prospects for life

Your monthly gift can make a remarkable difference by empowering a child to succeed. Our self-help orientated sponsorship program helps carefully selected children in need to have better education and opportunities.

Sponsorship gives the opportunity to access education, develop skills for work, and to stave off the problems of severe poverty. It is not simply a financial handout, but a focused method which empowers a child’s own endeavours.

Sponsorship gave Iryna the chance of university education, by paying for tutors and educational needs.

For a child like Iryna, who grew up in a care institution in Ukraine, sponsorship meant that she could access the educational support she needed to improve her grades and gain a state scholarship to study Journalism, changing her prospects for life.

For Diston in Malawi, who is bright and studies hard but is from a poor farming family, sponsorship meant that his parents didn’t have to sell their land to give him a secondary education. He says:

“I will be working hard for this money not to be wasted but to achieve something that can make my life go higher with education.”

Thank you for helping us to help vulnerable children in Ukraine and in Malawi, for they have even in the best of circumstances a very difficult start in life. Your support with a one off donation or better yet, monthly sponsorship of € 30 per child, can change a life for the better.

Thank you for giving a child a fair chance for a better life. Please donate now.