English conversation tutoring - to improve lives in Ukraine

We run a three month tutoring opportunity, where we connect volunteers with young people in Ukraine to improve language skills. In 2023 we are doing this in partnership with three International Schools in Germany, Munich International School, Bavaria International School, and Leipzig International School, so that young people of a similar age connect for weekly conversation and tutoring in English. There is potential to extend this to other age groups.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help a young person in Ukraine who has a difficult background to improve their English and have better career opportunities through tutoring over three months. Volunteers will communicate across cultures and gain valuable volunteer experience which can contribute to meeting social action goals or completing a Duke of Edinburgh award.

If you are interested in tutoring, or in connecting students in your school with this opportunity, please contact Jasmine Lehnis at [email protected]


Goal for volunteers

To give disadvantaged young people improved English for education and career opportunities, through conversation to improve their speaking and listening skills and help with their school work.

How it works

  • Who benefits? Children age 12 – 18, who may be displaced due to war or in low-income or foster families
  • What is needed? Tutoring 2 – 4 times a month, with English conversation and help with course work
  • Why is this important? English skills are an advantage for education and finding decent work
  • How is this delivered? Weekly online tutoring sessions over 3 months, with Care in Action supervision and monthly tutor review meetings

Why we do it

Children who are in care, have special needs or who are in low-income families need support to develop their potential, and these services are usually not available in Ukraine. Without access to support many of these children fall behind in school, don’t progress to further education or vocational training, and then fall prey to a life of crime, debt and homelessness.

But we can help them beat the odds! Despite the war, L’viv has a thriving IT industry and other jobs where English speaking is a pre-requisite or advantage for employment. Young people in foster families are interested in improving their English skills, and you can help.

The war causes interruptions, as during air raid alarms it may not be possible to meet. Young people in Ukraine have challenges to their education but are keen to continue. Volunteers will need resilience, patience and resourcefulness, and many also find it fun and rewarding to see progress.

Previous volunteers have written up tips so new tutors can learn from their experience. Every tutor was able to see the English ability markedly improve over three months.


To find out more, please email Jasmine Lehnis at [email protected]