November 03, 2021

32 young people learn 21st Century Skills at our STEP camp

32 teenagers developed 21st Century Skills, to help them succeed in life, at our two-day School of Independent Living camp. These young people are in care or in “families in crisis”, but with our camps and regular STEP Life Skills workshops we are helping them to develop career goals and gain the skills to reach them.

"Thank you for the many positive experiences that you gave us, and the opportunity to develop as individuals." - Angela

What are 21st Century Skills? These include public speaking, problem solving and emotional intelligence. We brought in coaches, career role models and our wonderful volunteers to deliver this exciting line up of workshops:

  • Career development – Mariana Pokhylchuk, Senior Finance Specialist at SoftServe, introduced her career journey along with which qualities, skills and training helped her achieve her career goals. Key to her success is determination, dedication and self-discipline.
  • Recognising strengths – psychologist and art coach Ani Mikhalchuk helped teenagers recognise their strengths and think about how they can use them effectively.
  • Public speaking – in this master class from actresses Sofia Teodorovych and Anastasia Pryshlyak, teenagers showed their acting abilities and learned to overcome the fear of performing in public.
  • Emotional intelligence - in today's world, EQ is becoming increasingly important. Teenagers learned why EQ is important to modern employers and how to develop it.
  • Playfulness and social skills - a problem-solving challenge, interactive evening entertainment, and a film with discussion were all part of the fun!

"Thank you very much for this camp! I got a lot of positives and met new people. These two days were very busy, and it seemed as if two weeks had passed. I am very happy that I know you and that I can have a good time with you. Thank you, once again, very much for the camp" - Uliana

We sincerely thank Ukraine Charity and the Lviv City Council’s Department for Children for their financial support for our "School of Independent Life: Skills of the 21st Century", as well as the company Just Good Bread for donating snacks.

We are grateful to all the coaches and volunteers who have given their time to help prepare teenagers for independent living, introducing them to the most up-to-date work skills of the 21st century and motivating them to work on their development.


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