April 25, 2023

Our Creative Hub is a place of strength and recovery

Children and parents play, learn and become stronger at our Creative Hub. As war continues to affect children’s school and everyday life we are responding to meet their needs. Through our work we see children happily engaging with activities, families who fled their homes adjusting to their new life, and children receiving aid and medical care.

“In 2023, we continued and expanded our activities. Children are happy to hurry to day care, where they spend time engaging in creative activities, where their needs are central, and their smiles bring us great joy.  We have added to our activities for the whole family, and promoted group activities for both displaced and local families who are experiencing difficulties to help their socialization and adaptation.” – Project Manager Khrystyna Galko

Here are some wonderful things achieved by our Creative Hub team from January to March:

  • 110 children and 80 adults regularly supported
  • 1,244 visits to the Creative Hub
  • 28 master classes in art, crafts, sewing and cooking
  • 10 art therapy sessions
  • 22 English classes for teenagers

There were also 14 fun and educational excursions ranging from the Theatre to the Dungeons of Lviv, and even the Museum of Firefighting. Our 4 events for whole families included a family photo shoot – it was lovely to see mothers who had fled their homes enjoy the hair styling and families creating a beautiful memory in this time of adjustment.

"I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful and emotional trip. We rebooted ourselves spiritually, had a great time outdoors with our children, and learnt a lot of interesting things. We have never had such a weekend before!!! Thank you very much!" Kateryna (mother displaced from Mykolaiv)

"Mykhailo is very grateful for the spring holidays spent with you, it was interesting, informative and fun, especially the workshops and excursions. From his mum, a big THANK YOU for doing your best for our kids.” – Nadia (mother of a large family in Lviv)

Aid is an important part of the Creative Hub, thanks to Sternstunden, a German foundation who has funded the project since November 2022. Together, in the first months of 2023, we protected children in winter when electricity supplies were interrupted with 80 warm pyjamas, and funded urgent medical care for an eye operation and dental treatment. 60 children also had the chance to choose new shoes at a discount from the Stefano Shoe Factory.

"I am delighted with these shoes! You can't imagine how happy I am and what a relief it is for me. I am so pleased that my children have good quality new shoes!!!" Svitlana (displaced mother from Zaporizhzhia)

And that’s not all – the Creative Hub provided space for more Care in Action activities, such as the "Aesthetics of cooking" camps for teenagers where career and life skills were taught, training for mentors, and a meeting place for 41 tutoring sessions. Volunteers gave 245 hours and local organisations donated over 4,400 € worth of goods and services.

The Creative Hub is a place of strength and recovery, and Care in Action wants to thank Sternstunden and every donor who is helping children in Ukraine at this time.

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