March 04, 2020

Incredible ski expedition raises support for children

Racing across 100km of arctic conditions while pulling a 40kg sled is an incredible challenge, and Dr Linda Rohrbasser inspired an amazing €4,700 raised for Care in Action on the way. She and two friends blazed a trail, vying to be the first British women's team to complete the Asnes Expedition Amundsen.

A British pediatrician who lives with her family and works in Germany, Dr Johnston Rohrbasser used the expedition to raise funds for Care in Action after getting to know Werner and Janice and learning about how we improve lives.

I am part of a British women's team taking part in the Amundsen expedition on 27th February 2020.  Our bid is to be the first GB women's team to cross the finish line.  The race travels 100km across the Hardangervidda in Norway.  We must be self-sufficient, on skis pulling a pulka with a minimum of 40kg of equipment and food.  We have been carefully planning and training for the last 18 months and are covering all costs (entry fee, equipment, training, transport, food etc) ourselves.”

To simulate the weight of pulling a sled, Linda trained by jogging with a large tyre attached to her waist so it pulled along flat behind her. She and her friends, Josephine Bush and Roisin Ward, prepared for the extreme conditions and knew they could be called out of their way to help if another team came into trouble.

“Åsnes Expedition Amundsen is an expedition race like no other. Solo or a part of a team, this is a tough challenge. You will not see a lot of people. The Hardangervidda mountain plateau in February/March could appear beautiful and idyllic,but can quickly become dangerous and wild.” Amundsen Expedition

Before the expedition Linda raised funds by engaging friends and family and we shared her appeal on with our supporters. Local media picked up the story of the doctor who was braving the expedition and raising funds for Care in Action.

Your support of Care in Action will help motivate me through the bitter cold and harsh weather we are likely to face during this expedition. Thanks for giving.”

"Care in Action will be with me every step of the way!"

Linda’s team was one of 65 that set off into the snow in the early morning of February 27th. Skiing uphill and carefully down the slopes, with the weight of the sled behind them to navigate, they maintained an average speed of 2km per hour over the three day race. A snow storm picked up on the final day and the team pushed through as long as they could but finally had to put safety first and end their race. 

We couldn’t agree more with the donors who commented “we have been following your progress in awe”, “an incredible and inspirational challenge”, “what an amazing achievement”… The €4,700 raised will make a tremendous difference to many young people and help them through their own challenges. To Linda and each of the kind people who supported this appeal, thank you for being heroes for children in Ukraine.

If you are inspired to take on a challenge or give your time to help, contact us to get started!

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