October 17, 2019

Career development at our English Camp

The current focus of our STEP programme is to help teenagers make important decisions about their future. In the last months we have given workshops on career choices to young people who need support, and 55 teenagers had a great opportunity to build on this in our English Camp.

The highlight of the camp was when 8 experts came to talk about their professions. A confectioner, fireman, chef, IT specialist, physiotherapist, school teacher, accounting professor, and tour agent enthusiastically shared their stories and motivated the children to develop and understand themselves better. The participants were curious about all aspects of the professions, asked about the happy and difficult times, and even compared salaries.

“Thank you so much for the unforgettable experience! Before the camp I hoped to meet interesting people, have fun and understand more about my future profession. All my expectations were met! Listening to people from different fields I thought about my vocation and I am a step closer to it now."

Helping teenagers discover career interests and set goals

Teenagers had support to write a CV, prepare a business plan, and expand their vocabulary in our English activities. The importance of volunteering, global problems and what can we do locally were hot topics. They were very interested in getting to know the volunteers from Georgia, Turkey and the USA who helped throughout the camp. What a great incentive to use and improve their English!

Feeling like entrepreneurs as they transform ideas into a business plan

And of course there has to be time for fun! A Quest had all the teenagers breathless as they searched for clues and practiced their new English words. We finished with a barbeque, which was donated by a local supporter, followed by a great party where everyone was dressed in the costume of their favorite profession. It was funny to see “doctors” dancing with “teachers” and “policemen”.

Thank you for giving these teenagers time to develop themselves and learn English, time to meet new friends and discover different cultures, and time to set career goals and find ways to reach them.

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