September 06, 2022

Adventure Therapy and Career Development

Over the summer 81 young people from East and West Ukraine joined our two STEP Life Skills Camps: a two-day camp focused on building a career, and at a three-day camp they took on the challenge of scaling Hoverla, the highest peak in the Carpathian Mountains. Both camps strengthened young people’s skills to succeed in life. There was an enthusiastic response!

Adventure Therapy in the Carpathians

Camping, climbing a high peak and being in a new environment can build confidence and resilience which is greatly needed in these times. In addition to climbing two peaks, 44 young people from both Lviv and displaced families had a chance to see grand landscapes, try rope jumping, listen to interesting facts about the history of Ukrainian cities in the bus as they drove through, sing folk songs, and share stories.

"This was my first trip to Mount Hoverla and Gorgan and to say that I am amazed by the greatness of the Carpathians is an understatement. I loved absolutely everything. I want to thank you for the opportunity to try rope jumping - it was very crazy in a good way!"

"When I go camping I’m always afraid that I'll be left alone, but with such great people who supported me throughout those days, I felt like I could count on them for anything. This trip made us a big inseparable family, some were able to find new friends, overcome their fear, get inspired.”

"It was my first time climbing the mountain, and I think that was true for many of us. It was difficult but climbing was much easier with all the support given by the volunteers and guides. We experienced so many emotions: joy, tears, pride, anger, but in the end we were all happy and pleasantly tired.”

We want to thank the guides from FamilyTeamK2, Father Tri Pham for his donation towards the camp, and of course our STEP team and volunteers for their attention to detail, support and creating unforgettable adventures!

As our guide Sergiy said – “Everyone has their own Hoverla peak; to achieve your goals, you need to make an effort and you will surely succeed!”

Career Development

Over two days 37 teenagers from internally displaced and local families plunged into the "World of Professions", learning about their diversity, skills that are important to building a successful career and how to avoid being trafficked.

What did the teenagers work on? 

  • Tetiana Levchuk and Olesa Bik conducted interactive training on "Conflict as part of life” and “The role of communication in conflict resolution" as part of a project from the National Platform for Sustainability and Cohesion.
  • Elena Kalbus told young people what to pay attention to and how to act to avoid sweatshop labour and human trafficking.
  • Anastasia-Oleksandra Prishlyak, using drama techniques, taught campers the ability to focus and overcome fear and shyness.
  • Invited professionals in various industries, such as a teacher, construction worker, IT specialist, financier and marketer, spoke about their work and shared useful advice.
  • We also prepared interesting activities, after which everyone gathered around the fire.
Many thanks to Ukrainian Education Platform for their financial support, and to all the donors, coaches and volunteers for working with us to give young people information that is important to building a successful career.

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