April 07, 2022

3,500 people receive our aid in March

More than 3,500 refugees and people in crisis because of the war received our aid in March. They felt that they had the support of loved ones during a very difficult time. In total, we delivered 15 large vans with over 700 boxes of food, baby milk, toiletries, nappies, medicines, cleaning products, bedding, clothes and toys.

This was achieved together with 20 shelters and organizations. Thanks to the dedicated work of local partners and volunteers they can create a safe environment for people who were forced to leave their homes and were traumatized by what they witnessed in the war. We assisted:

  • 170 families: foster families, refugees at our shelters, Family Style Orphanages and families in crisis
  • 8 shelters for refugees who mainly give asylum to women and children and are based in schools, colleges and other premises in the Lviv Region
  • 8 voluntary and public organisations distributing humanitarian aid to refugee families. Some of this aid was transported to civilians in Zaporizzhia and Kharkiv where people were running out of provisions.
  • 4 care institutions in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions which host children evacuated from care homes in Kharkiv and Zhaporizzhia

“Social Hut” in Busk is one organisation that we support regularly. Their volunteers provide aid to all the families who arrive and register in their region, there are around 50 families there at the moment. On Friday volunteer Ivanka asked us:

“Can you please bring us some more food and toiletries? Yesterday I gave all we had left to a family with 11 children.”

This aid is possible because of a partnership with the Polish organisation Szlachetna Paczka Lubaczow. We made 5 trips to meet them at the Polish border in March to collect large volumes of aid, which meets the most urgent needs based on our requests. This developed as a result of our presentation at the Altruism Network, where we met Anna Banaszak who volunteered to help us connect with an organisation in Poland.

So many heroes like Anna have stepped forward. In Lviv our team of volunteers have helped our team with unloading, accounting for and distributing aid. We carefully select who we help so we reach people who are far from other aid deliveries.

With donations we will buy large food stocks to add to continued deliveries in April, so we can give much needed aid to refugees and families in crisis across the Lviv region. We received this message from the head of Boryn’ Village Council, Mykhailo Shkitak:

“We have organized a humanitarian aid center in our community and are getting requests for help from about 1,800 refugees, including 370 displaced children from care homes, and local families in crisis. We need your help.”

Thank you to everyone who makes the continued aid possible. Together we are strong! Together we can do more! Together we are not alone through the war.


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