Helping children who are separated from their parents in Dnipro

We are giving essential aid, psychological support and social services to 36 children who are separated from their parents. Though the children's stories are heartbreaking, how they continue to learn, make friends and dream about the future is incredibly inspiring.


Helping Children
April 04, 2018

Training for Future Mentors

Personal mentoring is commonly recognised as one of the most effective ways to support children in care.
Helping Children
January 10, 2017

English Camp for foster families

How can children in care prepare to earn a living? There are plenty of ways and everyone needs to find their own. But a couple of universal skills top the list for paying back future value, and one of these is good working English.
Helping Children
April 11, 2015

A Guardian Angel

Khrystina is a friend and mentor to Maryana as she makes important career choices and leaves care to study social services.