5. Februar 2021

Would you like to volunteer? This news is for you!

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We would love to match your skills and interests with our opportunities. Whether in Lviv or in another part of the world, you could help to tutor or get involved with our work so more children who were previously disadvantaged can grow up to succeed in life.

In the Lviv Region

Our events for children and teenagers will start in February, in compliance with the relevant safety regulations. Active participation is needed for:

  • TOGETHER child development activities in crisis centres, family-type orphanages and children from families in crisis. This programme helps children with character-building, self-esteem and resilience through activities that are educational and fun. We use art, drama, cooking, needlework, sports, and if you have a special skill why not share it?
  • STEP life skills training for teenagers – could you give a presentation that would help a young person learn about your profession or how to succeed in work and independent life? There is also a mini-camp for up to 20 participants coming up in March on the theme “School of Independent Living” and volunteers are needed.

Going Global

Wherever you are, you may be able to volunteer as a tutor. We are looking for volunteers who are able to commit 1 or 2 hours a week to help a child improve their grades, prepare for exams and improve employability. Sessions can be held online.

  • English speakers – could you help a teenager, or one of our team, to improve their English speaking and listening skills?
  • Ukrainian speakers – could you help a teenager improve their Maths, History or Ukrainian subjects? This could help them pass entrance exams to get into higher education.

Volunteer tutors helped a girl who we’ll call Sasha to pass exams and enter university. Sasha has come through some serious difficulties in her life and is living in a social dormitory. It means a lot to her that she can enter the course she wanted and have better prospects for her career. Time and again we see lives changed when we get involved to help in the right way.

In January we started linking English speakers with young people in Ukraine who want to improve their skills. There are 12 high school students from the Munich International School who are having conversations with people their age. The opportunity to get to know someone from a different culture, combined with the chance to review homework together, makes this a good learning experience for all involved.

There are many interesting and ambitious projects that need volunteer support. We offer training and support, and have a vibrant community of volunteers in Lviv with regular events. German speakers who can give time to funding applications would also be very appreciated! If you would like to volunteer, chances are we can find an opportunity that fits your skills and interests.

Contact us today on: [email protected] 


Zeit investieren

Sie können gerne einen Spendenaufruf starten oder uns in Ihrer Schule, Kirche oder an Ihrem Arbeitsplatz bekannt machen. Sie können auch Ihre eigene Berufserfahrung und Ihr Wissen einbringen.