16 Серпня 2023

Malawi – student progress and Cyclone relief aid

Цей матеріал недоступний вашою мовою

We can celebrate our first sponsored Teacher graduate, while 10 students continue their education in Opthamology, Nursing, Electronics and other essential professions. After the disaster of Cyclone Freddy we have given food, blankets and are helping to rebuild 24 homes. Though the majority of our work is in Ukraine, we hope you enjoy this update from our sponsorship and projects in Malawi.

Education is key to our ongoing projects with Community Based Organisations in Malawi. Starting from nursery school, where we fund nutritious meals, we also support primary education by funding learning support in the form of afternoon classes for children who are struggling in school where there can be 160 children for each teacher. In August there will be a one-week training for six of our nursery school teachers and volunteers, in partnership with Changing Stars Malawi, who will also provide materials to improve maths and language teaching.

When secondary school starts, in Year 9, fees must be paid and this means many children are excluded. Thanks to sponsors and the Statema Stiftung, we are helping 36 children to continue their education. In the following letter, Benson explains how much this means for him:

(Left) Benson writes about how he was expelled from school because of poverty and how much he appreciates our "amazing support". (Right) Michael Kaujole graduated from Chiradzulu Teacher Training College in July 2023.

The life-changing result of our support is that some students go on to enroll in college or university. The students’ ability and hard work is rewarded, as they have help to pay fees, living costs and study essentials which would otherwise be out of their reach.

“When you sponsor a student, you always put a smile on his or her face. They start to set goals and see themselves making it in life. They dream of going to university or college in order to be independent and support their guardians and also those who are in need. You give them hope and they work hard to make you proud.” – Sponsorship Administrator Mary Gondwe, Bloomfield Day Care Centre, Mulanje

Some of our 10 sponsored students at Lilongwe University of Agriculture, Mzuzu University and Kamuzu College of Nursing... also showing new laptops they received which are essential for study.
In March, sadly many homes of children we know collapsed from the impact of record-breaking Cyclone Freddy. Mudslides caused loss of life, and the soaring cost of food after crops were destroyed left many people hungry.

Donations enabled us to give relief, prevent illness and malnutrition, and do repairs so nursery schools could start again.

Help for children from Bloomfield Day Care Centre, Mulanje:

  • 47 orphans and cyclone victims received both blankets and food supplies
  • 92 children and their families also received food supplies
  • 14 homes with collapsed walls being rebuilt
  • 3 homes being completely rebuild after falling apart
  • Community employed to clear mud and silt from the centre

Help for children from GEMO Day Care Centre, Blantyre:

  • 60 children and their families received food parcels
  • 7 families given cement to rebuild homes
  • 13 families received blankets
  • 25 families had an additional 3 months of food supplies
  • Community employed to fill gullies caused by flooding
Food and blankets were given at GEMO Day Care Centre, Blantyre (left), and Bloomfield Day Care Centre (right).

“Your support goes beyond education sponsorship, as Care in Action is supporting children who have been greatly affected by the March 2023 Cyclone Freddy with home building and relief food. We will never be able to pay back what you are doing for Malawian children and families. My sincere thanks to you, the Care in Action team and the Statema Stiftung.” – Sponsorship Administrator Fatima Mauluka, GEMO Day Care Centre, Blantyre

We are delivering cement, rebuilding homes and giving essential food... thank you for making this possible!