Provide a Secure Base for children

To improve the lives and opportunities of vulnerable children we need to support foster parents, so every child can have a caring family. Preparation, training and ongoing support for foster parents is identified as one of the greatest needs in Ukraine’s current orphan care, where too many children are still raised in institutions.

We have equipped specialists across Ukraine with the internationally recognised Providing a Secure Base model of care, so they can train and support foster parents. Because when children are well cared for they develop the relationships and abilities that will help them to succeed at life.

“When we think about how to keep someone well, what we’re really thinking about is their happiness. We’re thinking about how we can ensure they do well at school and are able to provide for their families and contribute to society.” – Bill Gates

Partnering to provide solutions

The Providing a Secure Base concepts to promote attachment and sense of belonging for children who need care have been internationally adopted. To introduce the model in Ukraine and adapt it for the local context we invited the care model’s co-author Dr Mary Beek to help us get started.

“The Secure Base model provides a positive framework for therapeutic caregiving which helps infants, children and young people to move towards greater security and builds resilience.” – University of East Anglia

To make training in Secure Base available across the country we needed the right partners, so we are working with the International Leadership and Development Centre in Kiev to:

  1. Develop a training curriculum for foster and adoptive parents
  2. Form and equip a team of trainers 
  3. Conduct training in the Secure Base model for foster parents in the regions of Ukraine
  4. Present the Secure Base model to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine to raise awareness and promote national use

What you can do

You can fund a two-day training for up to 20 foster parents, so they can learn how to help a child to trust, manage feelings, build self-esteem, feel effective and belong to a family. These trainings are led by local experts who support foster parents and have the potential to provide follow up.

Each regional training costs €550 to deliver at a high standard, with a focus on applying the model to the foster parenting experience and adopting new practices. This includes training materials, hosting costs and expert support from either Kiev or Lviv. We will send a report and photos of the event to show the difference you have made.

“Foster parents want to live in harmonious families, where children have a minimum of behaviour problems. So if we offer them Secure Base training as a tool they would greatly appreciate it.” – Social Worker, Ukraine

To find out how you can be a part of Providing a Secure Base for children in care, contact us today!