Help families in the Corona crisis

School is closed, Lilia is in a 2 bedroom flat with 6 foster siblings. Her family has 1 laptop and their dad and mum have lost their jobs. Can you give Lilia the chance to study, and supply food for her family, so she can get through isolation and be ready for the future? 

In Lviv, Ukraine, Corona quarantine began on March 13th. Parents have lost jobs, children can no longer get meals and showers at crisis centres, and isolation means cramped living conditions. You can help.

We're taking action...

At Care in Action we have started emergency food distribution. 50 families were given a month's supply of basic food, hygiene products and medicines for their individual needs in April. In the coming months we will help more families in crisis by working with our partners and Social Services. With your donations we can reach more people in urgent need.

Every bit helps...

Please donate to feed families through the Corona crisis, and give a child like Lilia a laptop which will help her study during isolation and beyond. Lviv has a burgeoning industry for IT and online business services so investing in computer skills can open up future job opportunities.

€50 can give a family essential food for a month, and €230 can provide a laptop. Please help us support families through the crisis.

Please donate today and share this appeal with your friends, so together we can improve many more lives during this Corona pandemic. We'll share news of how this helps. Thank you for taking action!

Donate now - Please write 'Crisis Appeal' for the reference