Donate now to provide urgently needed aid for children in Ukraine

7 million people are displaced within Ukraine because of war. Local organisations like Care in Action are leading the response to the humanitarian crisis, as it will take time for government solutions and more housing to be accessible. Children need safe accommodation, trauma recovery and social support, so our role in helping to rebuild lives is vital. Our Care in Action team in Lviv are helping children affected by war, but we also need your help.

Please donate and help us respond to this enormous crisis:

Every donation helps:

  • 3.30 Euro per day pays for a safe bed at a hostel for a mother or child who lost their home
  • 45 Euro prepares a child for school by buying school supplies like books and shoes
  • 500 Euro gives one month of expert advice and help for integration to displaced parents from a Social Worker

Every one of the 198 people cared for in our shelters, every mother we help to find a job, every child we help to enrol in a new school is significant.

On behalf of the children, families and our team in Ukraine, we thank you