March 30, 2021

The School of Independent Life: Financial Literacy

The first "School of Independent Life" event for teenagers took place! During the two day camp, 22 boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds learned more about the value of money and how to manage it wisely and carefully, as part of our STEP programme. For teenagers who are on the verge of independent life, this topic is more relevant than ever – the sooner they do it correctly, the more mistakes they can avoid.

"Even if you have 1 Hryvnia in your pocket, you already own finances and should be able to manage them correctly," says Nadiya Ovcharuk, a trainer and finance manager

The participants learned how to make their own budget, save money and get a bank card. The most important issue is how to protect themselves from fraudsters and not fall into financial traps like high-interest loans. There were lots of good discussions and examples from personal experience.

Despite such a serious theme for the camp, we had some fun during the exciting escape-game style quest, active competitions and friendly gatherings around the fire. Of course, the most active participants and winners of the competition were awarded prizes. Boys and girls gained valuable knowledge and skills, made new friends and had fun over the weekend. We are pleased that many participants expressed a desire to join our "Teens in Action" club.

Trainers Nadezhda Ovcharuk, Oksana Bryndziak and Bohdana Lugov did a great job: they explained complex and important things related to financial management in a way that was easy to understand. We sincerely thank the volunteers, without whom we no longer imagine any events, and who are good role models for our teenagers. We thank photographers Tatyana Masterenko and Olena Cyprusheva for the beautiful photos!

Special thanks to KredoBank for the financial literacy books for the camp participants. These books are written in language that is accessible for teenagers, they cover many relevant topics and are beautifully designed. For funding the camp, we are grateful to the Lviv Educational Foundation and the Ukrainian community in Karlsruhe.

"Practical knowledge of financial literacy is a necessary skill for a young person who is about to become independent. We hope that this year we will be able to hold two more "School of Independant Life" camps on equally important topics for young people!" - Mary Antoniv, STEP Project Coordinator


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