September 23, 2022

Creative Hub – serving children and youth in Lviv

Our Creative Hub for children’s education and development has run for three months, serving children and young people from Lviv and those who left their homes in the war. The reactions from mothers of children from different corners of Ukraine, are so heart-warming, don’t miss reading them! We are sending a powerful message that despite the difficulties of war, children’s right to education, their future is important.

From June to August, there were 1,259 children’s visits to the Creative Hub. Crafts, cooking, contemporary dance, clay modelling, English and much more were regularly provided by our volunteers. We conducted weekly excursions in Lviv. Also children and their parents had the opportunity to engage with a psychologist, including art therapy for children, and private consultations from Olena Petrushkevych for adults.

"I am infinitely grateful to the staff and volunteers of the Creative Hub and Care in Action, for taking care of our kids in such a difficult time. In the Creative Hub my child found new friends, was able to adapt after what we experienced and get used to normal life after moving to Lviv. The teachers and volunteers are very sensitive and friendly. And I have time for my affairs – to improve my life and prepare necessary documents. I wish you prosperity and a peaceful sky!” - Irina, displaced from Kherson region

Our Project Manager Khristina Vorobets has worked with the team to create quality leisure and education programmes for children from internally displaced families and implement a vocational course for adolescents. This includes:

  • Daily child care for 2 groups of children (ages 3 – 8 and 8 – 12) from displaced families
  • Weekly Master Classes and excursions
  • IT career development course with 17 lectures for 22 local and displaced teens in collaboration with Intellias Ukraine. The company's experts spoke about specialties in the IT field and shared interesting insights from their own experiences. 
  • Three lectures on computer and financial literacy for teenagers : "Key Principles of Information Security" by Rostyslav Tseyko, "Rules of Finance" by Iryna Dovhanyk and "Excel for Financial Management" by Svitlana Yakubovska.
Bohdana Luhova, who coordinated the partnership with Intellias, with one of the 22 participants, and Project Manager Khrystyna Vorobets. We are planning the next steps to help these young people into IT careers.

What do mothers say about our Creative Hub?

"Thank you so much for your hard work at the Creative Hub. My son loves visiting, he loves running into you everyday! You provide comprehensive development at the highest level! Here he made many friends and learned new things. Here is the best care in Lviv!" Ilona (displaced from Dnipro)

"We came from the south of Ukraine. Thanks to the opportunity to visit Creative Hub, our child is distracted from current events. Communication with other children, free classes in mathematics, English, Ukrainian, communication with a psychologist, cooking workshops and much more... Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful!" - Svetlana (displaced from Melitopol)

In September we are adding two new Child Care groups and providing space for children to do online schooling. Our popular new Cinema Club offers Ukrainian films and cultural activities, along with a chance for displaced people to make new friends.

Together we can help children and young people through this difficult time.

Sponsor a child

You can sponsor a child in Ukraine or Malawi and change their life for the better with a monthly donation of €30. In this time of crisis more children need the security of regular sponsorship to support their education and meet their basic needs.