April 05, 2023

Children make good progress with individual support

These success stories show how children’s lives can be better with our help. We help children who don’t have the care of their parents or have very difficult life circumstances: a child growing up in an orphanage, in one of the poorest families, or a pregnant teenager placed in foster care, all have very real challenges. Sponsors, donors and volunteers help us bring positive changes and we are happy to share some examples with you.

Positive results in 2023:

  • 91 children and young people Sponsored in Ukraine and Malawi
  • 54 children have a mentor, tutor or both in Ukraine
  • 5 children whose parents died in the war received tablets so they can attend school
  • Family with 7 children helped with 3 beds, 1 phone for school, 1 eye operation
  • A girl in foster care, who is 16 and pregnant, completed a manicure course


Daryna turns her hobby into an income

Daryna is 14 and growing up in an orphanage. Daryna likes to make hand-made crafts, but most of all she loves to work with yarn so her mentor encourages this. A mentor is a volunteer who has become qualified and is supervised as part of our Guardian Angel program, who helps a child to develop skills for independent life.

Daryna started making things to sell at the age of 12; it  was her way buy some credit for her phone. In the orphanage there are no after-school activities so it's good that Daryna found her own hobby. 

We bought a supply of yarn for Daryna, as her mentor can use this activity to develop Daryna’s understanding of basic business skills and helps with marketing. Daryna has been inspired to get a good education so we found a volunteer Chemistry tutor to help too. We have every hope that Daryna will grow up to succeed in life.

Iryna has access to school

Iryna is 13 years old and delighted to have received a phone for school: this means she won’t miss out on online lessons and can upload homework. Iryna is one of 7 children in a family who we got to know through our work to support children who were home from orphanages because of Covid-19. Our Sponsorship Coordinator helped to facilitate an eye operation and donations made this possible.

Sponsorship has helped Iryna’s family stay together instead of 2 of the children growing up in state care. We helped to install running water in their home, so their mother didn’t have to carry all the family’s water from the well.

With donations we bought three beds in March, the girls said “thank you for your hard work” and were happy to have their own private space.

Nadya completed a manicure course

Life completely changed for 16 year old Nadya when she became pregnant and went into foster care. The Department of Children asked us to help her as she will soon need to support herself. Thanks to donations, we were able to pay for a manicure course which Nadya completed with pride. Nadya has gained skills for decent work and can gain further support through our programs for young people.

*Please note that some names have been changed and pictures edited to protect privacy

Would you like to help?

  • You can sponsor a child and give them security with just 30 Euros a month
  • Please donate – from 6 Euros for tutoring, to 200 Euros for a phone, your donation helps children like Daryna, Iryna and Nadya to grow up to succeed in life

Sponsor a child

You can sponsor a child in Ukraine or Malawi and change their life for the better with a monthly donation of €30. In this time of crisis more children need the security of regular sponsorship to support their education and meet their basic needs.