27. August 2021

Culture and Creativity with the Veselovsky Family

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A fun event to engage with Ukrainian art and culture was brought to 25 disadvantaged young people in Lviv, where the Veselovsky family showed their talents and got everyone involved in music, painting and making traditional Motanka dolls.

The Veselovsky family are one of the 100 families who we helped with food parcels over the last year. Though they have a low income, and a wall of their home urgently needs repair, the parents have encouraged their children’s interest in art and music. All the children play instruments, some of them home made, and the eldest son Paul writes his own songs. Daughter Valentyna, who is 12, loves to read a medical encyclopedia and her 13 year old sister Katerina is a talented painter.

They want to help others by sharing their love of Ukrainian culture and family values, so the idea for this creative event came together, bringing the Veselovsky family from their remote village to the roof of the Dovzhenko Center in central Lviv.

Children who are fostered or attend crisis centers enjoyed a performance of Ukrainian folk songs and some of Paul’s original songs as well. Katerina painted 5 works of art during the afternoon, inspiring some participants to join in and create their own painting. Elena – Mrs Veselovsky - led a masterclass on making Montanka dolls from wool. Elena’s miniature embroidered Ukrainian dresses were displayed and discussed.

A wonderful result of the two exhibitions that took place after the event, showing Katerina’s paintings and the miniature traditional dresses, is that an artist recognised Katerina’s talent and offered regular tutoring.

This summer event inspired creativity in city youth and gave the Veselovsky family a platform to hone their talents and share Ukrainian traditional culture outside of their home village. We will continue to support Valentyna, Katerina, and other young people who need support for their education, so they can reach their potential and escape poverty as they become independent.

We want to thank Dobro.ua and everyone who donated via their fundraising platform to make this event possible. 

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