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Give a vulnerable child a fair chance in life and develop their own potential!

Your monthly gift can make a remarkable difference by empowering a child to succeed in life. Our self help orientated sponsorship program helps carefully selected children in need to have better chances in life and to develop their own potential and talents. Primarily it supports their wish and efforts to succeed in school, in job training and / or to stave off problems of severe poverty. –  It is not simply a financial handout, but a focused method which empowers their own endeavours. In exceptional cases, which are specific to the individual or family, additional needs that are non educational should be met too. The child will have better chances in a stable environment and with the most basic human needs met.

Thank you for helping us to help vulnerable children in Ukraine and in Malawi, for they have even in the best of circumstances a very difficult start in life. Your support of our program with a one off donation or better yet, a monthly standing order of € 30 per child, can change their lives for the better. Thank you for presenting a child a fair chance for a better future. Please donate now.


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