Introduce us to inspire action

Whatever you can do, we would love to work with you. There are clubs and associations of all sizes who work with Care in Action and make changes possible for children. Our brochure and personal support can help you to inspire others to take action.

What can you do?

You may be able to nominate a charity to support at your workplace, church or school. Or maybe you are part of a network with social values, like the Rotary Club of Lviv, which shares our interest in delivering sustainable solutions to disadvantaged children and young people. Introducing Care in Action opens new opportunities.

Why take action?

There are more than 105,000 children raised in 751 care institutions in Ukraine1. These children experience negative impacts to their physical and mental development and a high level of social marginalization and exclusion2. Only 10% of children who have been raised in care will successfully integrate into society3.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the endemic spread of AIDS has left many children orphaned and exposed to extreme poverty. Those already on the margins find it difficult to cope, and only 20% of children complete lower secondary school4.

We help better the opportunities for vulnerable children in both countries, and with the right social development, preparation and enough support, they can beat the odds.

How to get started

Contact us and we will send our brochure, a presentation, or a letter of introduction to get you off to a good start. We would be happy to arrange a call to tell you more about Care in Action, answer any questions and offer support.

Donations will be acknowledged with an official receipt, and a personal letter to show the positive changes we make for children in care.

Together we can give a child the opportunity for a better life. Why not contact us today?

1. De-Instiutionalisation Platform, Ukraine
2. Ukraine – UN Partnership Framework 2012-2016
3. Hope and Homes Official Data
4. UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Contact us

We would love to hear your questions and ideas for how we can work together.  

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