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Thank you for considering giving your time. Whatever your time or ability, we can help you get started, and wonderful changes take place when we take action!

  • Raise awareness with 5 minutes through our News, by learning more about the situation and then sharing it on social media;
  • Introduce us in 2 hours to your club, church or workplace, by nominating Care in Action and inspiring people to respond;
  • Challenge yourself and raise funds, it's easy with the donation platform

These are some ideas, and you can read on to find out how to make it happen. However you would like to help our team will be happy to hear from you and provide support.

You could also volunteer to lend expertise, helping where you are or with the team in Ukraine. Why not contact us today?

Introduce us

Find how to introduce Care in Action to your social club, church or workplace, so together we can strengthen, empower, and prepare children in care for better lives.

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"We help people to help themselves, because we firmly believe in the capabilities of each person, in the power of initiative, creativity and responsible action." Werner Lehnis

Challenge yourself

Would you like to collect donations and change a life? You could add a personal challenge to run, swim, cycle or even cook! Here's how to reach your goal, invite friends to sponsor you, and make a lasting difference.

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With your help we can change lives

People like you are helping us to better the lives and opportunities of children in care. Everyone who makes a donation or gives their time makes it possible for our services to continue.

Connecting to our news is another good way to support the cause. When you get to know the inspiring stories of lives changed for the better in our news, you can tell others about them, or share the stories on social media. Or simply get to know our methods and results, and one day your opportunity to help may open up.

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Thank you

What people say about what we do

Doreen Kaliza, 14

I was so miserable being a young lady but now my life is so good that I have everything that I want like school materials and food. I am always grateful for your support. I can take breakfast when going to school and have lunch when come back.
Sponsored child, Mulanje, Malawi

George Vaillant

The positive effect of one loving relative, mentor or friend can overwhelm the negative effects of the bad things that happen. What goes right is more important than what goes wrong.
Psychiatrist, Harvard Medical School

Lidia Ztupera

I became a volunteer tutor to share my knowledge with children in care. These children are not different from other people. They have potential, goals and dreams and they strive for a better life. We should not be indifferent. It’s our obligation to help them and contribute to the future of these children who want to succeed.
Care in Action volunteer

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