Give Children a Secure Base

We need funding to provide specialised training for foster parents, social workers, and practitioners across Ukraine, so children in care have the supportive relationships and environment they need to thrive.

In Ukraine over 100,000 children live in institutional care, where they experience negative impacts to their physical and mental development. When a family begins to foster, they are often unprepared for the behaviour they see.

“I was in despair as there was no one qualified to help me in our small town. Care in Action helped with consultations for us and our daughter. With their support and understanding I could understand and improve my daughter’s difficult behaviour. She stopped running away from home, began to trust us, and the whole atmosphere in the family has improved.” – Oksana, foster mother

We developed a professional training curriculum for foster parents and carers in Ukraine, so they can use the Providing a Secure Base therapeutic care model to help children. Developed at the University of East Anglia (UK), it is used in many countries, and the author Dr Mary Beek helped us adapt it for Ukraine. We partnered with ILDC, training experts in Ukraine, to develop the curriculum and train 17 trainers across the country. This means we can support training for foster parents in many regions of Ukraine.

Some of the key benefits of training:

  • Better understanding of a child’s behaviour and its causes
  • How to meet a child’s basic needs
  • Find ways to improve difficult behaviour
  • Methods that help the child develop emotional intelligence
  • Methods of care that help a child feel accepted and a sense of family membership


“Providing a Secure Base training is very relevant to me as a foster mum. I got answers to most of my questions, and found ways out of difficult situations in raising children”

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You can make it possible for more foster parents to give quality care by sponsoring a two-day training course in Providing a Secure Base. We are off a good start but there are still more foster parents that need our support.

Contact us today to find out how you can give children a secure family by sponsoring training for foster parents.

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