Prepare a care leaver for independence

Partnerships play an important role in helping disadvantaged young people to succeed at living a self-sufficient life. By partnering with our STEP programme, you can help to prepare teenagers in care for independence, and provide them with the skills they need to thrive.

Youth who grow up in institutional care face many challenges when they transition into independence. Helping them build personal skills and find employment is crucial to avoiding the pitfalls of crime, debt and even suicide, and gives them the opportunity to succeed. Our programmes provide training, mentoring and practical experience to 180 young people a year, and you can partner with us to improve a teenager’s life.

Partnerships make a difference

Our partnership with a Danish textile company has started eight care leavers on the career path of becoming seamstresses, and many more to receive work experience and job skills. Green Cotton, and their Lviv partner company Lvivtex, also support Care in Action financially.

“Our firm has provided internships for 5 girls with paid work experience. We are happy to give regular financial support to sponsor Care in Action activities in the L’viv region that directly influence the lives of many orphans and disadvantaged children.”  – Mariya Budaveya, Project Manager, L’vivtex

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You can help a young person into decent work and change their future! Contact us today and we will find the best way to work together.

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