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You might like to partner with us by helping to raise awareness, offering expertise, or being a corporate sponsor of our programs and initiatives. Or, perhaps there is something else?

We partner and work with volunteers, the local community, Government bodies and NGOs to raise awareness, provide ‘best practice’ models and tools of support, and to expand our reach so we can help more people in need. Through these partnerships, we are able to access and help more foster families and provide the best possible results for the children.

We can work with you to find a project that is right for you, where you can have a real impact. For example, you could prepare a care leaver for independence, or help foster parents across Ukraine to Provide a Secure Base for children. Whatever you can do, we would love to work with you to improve the lives of children in care.

Prepare a care leaver for independence

You can support programs which strengthen, empower, and prepare children in care to enter the working world and lead a productive, independent life. 

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Support foster parents

Sponsor training for foster parents in the globally recognised 'Providing a Secure Base’ care model, so children can have the supportive environment they need to thrive.

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However you can help, we would love to hear from you. Why not contact us today?

What people say about what we do

Tymkiv Rostyslav

The representatives of Care in Action conduct efficient training and seminars aimed at improving children’s life skills and teaching professional parenting methods.
The Department for Children, Lviv City Council

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