Strengthen families with training and fun

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You can help a foster family go to Family Camp.  “A camp for foster parents can salvage the parents’ relationship!” says Mykola Kuleba, Commissioner for Children’s Rights. Donations enable training in parenting, along with a welcome break and fun activities, which means stronger families for children in care.

Our team goes the extra mile with a consultant psychologist and volunteers to not only make our camps educational, but to give foster parents and children the best time of their lives.

It costs just €400 to give a family with five children a four day adventure, packed with specially tailored activities for all age groups. Every donation helps to make this possible, and we will share videos and pictures of this quality time for familes to show how your donation makes a difference.

Foster parents say:

“Our daughter drastically changed, she was not afraid to interact with volunteers and felt so joyful and happy. No more words are needed!”

“The workshops for foster parents are extremely interesting. Meeting other foster families, who have rich experiences to share, is also very valuable for us. Such camps are a big need.”

It’s a hit with children too, some of whom look forward to Family Camp all year!

“It was the best four days ever! I’m very thankful to this team who gave so much to all of us."

"I’m glad I met people like you at the Family Camp! I have started looking at the world from a different perspective, and it now seems to be a much better place."

Every donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting foster families!

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