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“Talents in Action” festival, 2018


On May 12, 2018, NGO Care in Action in the partnership with the Department for Children Affairs of Lviv City Council and B. Khmelnytskyi Park of Culture and Recreation held an annual regional children’s festival “Talents in Action”.  More than 300 participants attended the event: the children from care homes, family-style orphanages and foster families, children from families at risk, foster parents and caregivers from children homes and volunteers.

The “Talents in Action” festival was aimed at discovering and developing children’s talents, providing quality and entertaining leisure for children, youth and adults.

Within the event, the number of interesting workshops took place, for example: crafts (felting), cooking (preparing Italian and Georgian national dishes), choreography (bans with folk dance elements), playing the drums and sports such as American football, softball, karate and self defense training. The youngest festival participants were entertained by an animator, watched a puppet show, took part in a bubble show and rode rollercoaster. The teens took part in an interesting and imaginative quest. Meanwhile, all the participants were welcomed to have their faces and hands styled with face painting and mehendi drawings.

Maryana Yesyp, associate professor of the Department of Clinical Psychology, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, psychologist, accredited pediatrician-therapist in work with children, adolescents and adults, conducted training for foster parents and caregivers on “How to help a child to cope with aggression? How to negotiate?”. The zest of this training was the presence of a little daughter of the trainer, Ania, who assisted in the training and was the best practical example for the adults on negotiating with children.

After a delicious lunch, the festival was followed by the concert program performed by the incredibly talented children and volunteers. The atmosphere of the event was enhanced by sunny weather and festive mood. As an unforgettable present for the festival participants there was the performance of following invited guests: Honored Ensemble of Ukraine Yunist, People’s Ensemble of Modern Dance “Time-out”, singer and TV presenter Sofia Fedyna, singer Andrii Ochkus, club of professional martial arts “Union”, singer Oleksii Kudovba, breakers “Shadow distruction”, “Heavy rain band” and “Retroway” bands.

Care in Action is grateful for the cooperation in conducting workshops to the following partners: Ukraine PONY Baseball/Softball (for master-class on softball), Lviv Lions (for master class on American football), Public Relations Department of Police Department in Lviv Oblast (for self-defense training), management and students of Lviv University of Trade and Economics (for cooking workshop), Martial Arts Club Yunist (for karate training), meditation and yoga studios MANTRA HOUSE (for mehendi drawings), Timur Gotigidze (for playing the drums), Olenka Zhdan (craft workshop), Ivonna Romaniuk (for dancing workshop), Iryna Banias (for puppet show), Volodymyr Kryvishyn (animator), Catholic European Scouts (for the quest).

Also we appreciate greatly the efforts of all the volunteers in supporting the implementation of such a large-scale event, the German organization “Care in Action” for financing the festival, the Department for Children’s Affairs of the Lviv City Council and the Lviv Educational Foundation for financial support. We are grateful for the help in organization and charity support to the partners of the event, in particular: management and employees of the B. Khmelnytskyi Park of Culture and Recreatio (general partner), IDS Aqua Service (for drinking water supply), Nazar Koliada (for rented furniture), 80th Separate Assault Brigade (for tents and their installation), the Department of Physical Education of Lviv Polytechnic National University (for sports ground), B.-I. Antonych Lviv Comprehensive Boarding School No.1 (for sports ground and assembly hall).

Thanks to the support of active and involved people it was an incredible pleasure to hold the fifth festival “Talents in Action” which has already become a good tradition for more than three hundred children!


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