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Talents in Action, October 2016



Children’s Festival Evoked the Sea of Positive Emotions Again

“Care in Action – Турбота в діїhas organized the festival “Talents in Action” for children in care from Lviv and Lviv region for the second time this year.

About 200 children and adults who take care of them gathered in the Culture park of Lviv in order to find new interests, gain useful experience and simply have a great and unforgettable time in a company of friends and peers. The first part of the event offered to the participants to:

  • learn basic elements and play American football or softball;
  • colour with paints T-shirts which will be passed on to the soldiers injured in ATO zone;
  • make cupcakes and pear pies to treat homeless people from community “Oselia”
  • learn and perform a new lively dance;
  • achieve inner harmony during a relaxing yoga;
  • dive into full of adventures and mysteries quest rooms;
  • get a beautiful mehndi design;
  • undergo a rope park “Narnia”
  • attend a seminar for care givers

We express sincere gratitude to our partners Ukraine PONY Baseball/Softball and the trainer Chad Liddle, the American football team “Lviv Lions” and the trainer Josh Lunsford, the “Green” café’s chef Vadym Hrebtov, yoga and meditation centre “Mantra House”, yoga instructor Olena Bilodid and mehndi artist Maryna Belaia, Ivanka Zachkevych (dances) who shared their time and talent with the children giving them a possibility to get new or improve the existing skills and have a wonderful time. A special THANK YOU to about 40 our volunteers who helped with the organization and implementation of the event. But for your help it would not be possible to host so many children. Thank you for being with the kids and teens from the very beginning will the end experiencing together with them happy emotions of that day!

On the seminar by Nadiia Kondratiuk the participants discussed the main reasons and levels of children’s problem behaviour, importance of drawing a line between behaviour and personality and the ways of restoring emotional balance. We are thankful to Nadiia for coming from Kyiv and sharing her knowledge!

The second part of the festival has also kept the tradition alive – there was a concert. The invited children, Volodymyr Partyka, the band “Ретровай”, a rapper Andriy Ochkus’, the musical studio “Dzerelo” and Nazar Savko entertained the audience with vocal, instrumental and dancing numbers. Many thanks to the all performers for beautifying the concert by your part!

Thanks a lot to SoftServe’s charity fund “Open Eyes” and German Care in Action for financing the festival, the Children’s Affairs Department of Lviv City Hall for financial support and help in organization, to sponsors and partners of the event: textile company “Lvivtex”, B. Hmel’nyts’kyi Culture Park, companies “Tropik” and “Del’ta-fruit”, “Aqua-service”, Nazar Koliada (Furniture rent), quest rooms chain “Legends of Lviv”, the children’s leisure complex “Narnia”, “The Book’s Forum”, Sports school for children and youth №4, school №50.

This day filled with smiles will stay in our memories for a long time and we are looking forward to spending another great day together and having new impression during the next “Talents in Action”.

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