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Aim: empowering people to make a positive impact in their community through changing life of vulnerable children for the better.

We believe that everyone has talents and gifts that they can pass on to benefit others. Enabling young people to experience the joy of caring and making a difference in the lives of the children, has a life changing impact, not only in the lives of the children, but also for the volunteers themselves.

Through their direct involvement with the children in care volunteers become more aware of the problems in their communities and feel encouraged to become active citizens throughout the different stages of their lives

Emphasis is placed on the participation and involvement of the volunteers in all aspects of the projects, from planning to implementation.  Leadership skills are actively imparted throughout the program through formal and informal training to foster the volunteers’ personal development. Important qualities are learnt through team working, sharing ideas and experience and interacting with volunteers from different countries.

It is delightful to know that there are people giving their warmth and love and serving as positive role models for children who have already experienced injustice and violence existing in real life. Every volunteer tries to become a friend, an adviser, a mentor and shares love with children in care.                                                                                            Volunteer Mar’iana Pokhyl’chuk

“To be a volunteer is to be sympathetic. But it is possible to sympathize in different ways: one can sit in front of a TV crying and feeling sorry or one can show compassion and get involved to help to provide solutions.”                                                                   Volunteer Mariya Budayeva

Three weeks of volunteering at Care in Action taught me many valuable insights. During my stay I’ve visited several orphanages near L’viv.

Care in Action provides the children with some of the most important life-lessons to be taught. With love and compassion the volunteers of Care in Action passionately teach the children to prepare for adult life. Working together, making friends, dealing with money, finding a job or dealing with conflicts are just a few examples.

An inspiring organization, with people dedicated to make a difference for the children of Ukraine. It’s hard work with a lot of ups and downs requiring a long breath, but the signs of good progress are visibly there.”                                                                      Andries van der Wijk (Holland)


“Helping to do the right thing, and helping people, goes together with promoting a system that is more just and more equitable.”          Co-founder and Director, Transparency International


No special skills are required. We believe that everyone has a talent, a skill or experience to share with a child. Read more about the Guardian Angel and Together projects you can join as a volunteer. And you can fill in a volunteer application form HERE


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