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Together – Child development


Khrystia Katola – volunteer and “Together” project coordinator.


“Together” – Child Development Programmes

Aim: Personal development of children in care to increase their chances for a better future.

Regular, exciting activities with the children promote social, character and educational development. The enthusiastic participation of volunteers, who plan and implement the  “Together” programmes according to their talents and experience is a key to the success of this project. They brighten up the children’s lives at the same time develop trust and friendships and impart valuable practical and social skills.

“As a volunteer from L’viv, I took part in over 20 Child Development Programmes in orphanages in Western Ukraine. In my country there are many social orphans.  I never realized before I helped on these projects how many children have to live in Children’s Homes! I was sad to see how a lot of them lack personal attention and care, so it was a nice chance to be able do something and make their lives brighter. It was so beautiful to see the happiness in their faces when we did the activities with them. It felt very special to be able to show these children that someone does care for them. So this work is very important and is carried out by very dedicated people who are helping to change the life for so many children in these orphanages. I feel like we need to change our children so we can change our future”. – Olena B., L’viv

Activities include:

  • Art therapy, music, drama and role play.
  • Lively educational games and meaningful activities
  • Sports and team building games.
  • Workshops – cooking, ceramics, hair care and styling, handyman activities.
  • Thought provoking films and cartoons.
  • English teaching.
  • Unusual events, special talents day and excursions to broaden horizons. Video

“I loved when you  came; it was the best thing that happened all week. I would wait for you and  kept asking when you would come again. Most of all, I liked when we had art projects. I remember when we made polymer clay rings in the form of roses, I still have this ring”. – Ira, Care leaver from Jovtansi Orphanage.

The children need you!

Come share your hobbies, your laughter, your time and enthusiasm. It can touch someone’s life forever!

Become a volunteer and make your own positive contribution to a child’s development!
Fill in a volunteer application form here  and send to us

“All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today”.

There are regular training, motivational and team-building meetings for both new and experienced volunteers.


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