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Reactions to the STEP project

“The STEP program involves both experts and volunteers, who understand how to communicate with teenagers and know how to help them prepare for and adapt to society.”

Oksana Vychopen, director of orphanage in Jovtanzi


“In my opinion, it is necessary to conduct STEP program classes. They can help us to understand and to solve some of our problems.”

SvitlanaPryshljak, 11th grade, Children’s home №2 in L’viv


“Such classes will help our pupils to solve many difficult situations in their lives.”

O.Starodub, teacher from Children’s home  Lysenka, 53


“Through STEP project our teenagers broaden their horizons in the job world, were aware about human trafficking, got skills in conflict solving and managing their budget etc. STEP project is effective and gives positive results. “

Taras Balandjuk, director of orphanage in Myljatyn

“The information acquired during the course helped the children to clarify their stance and purpose, and to find ways to achieve it. This STEP program has the ability to cause in young people the desire  to change for the better and to change our world for the better” 

 I.Yermakova, Teacher at Vatra children’s summer camp

“Thanks! You (the coach) are the best friend I have ever met and you are one, which can help me…”

Ira, 11th grade

“I have realized that we have to move  forward on the right track and work hard on ourselves. The main task is to have a heart and other things will  somewhow develop in life. I am inspired by your true team spirit. Well done (Volunteers)! You’ve done good job and lots of efforts to make us interested”

Vasyl, 17, Chervonograd children’s home


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