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Job orientation program

STEP –  a Life Skills course for teenagers in Care, includes employability skills and  job orientation.  Several firms in L’viv are successfully partaking in this project by giving tours of their company or practicums with encouraging results.  We are in the process of expanding the network of firms actively supporting corporate social responsibility through broadening the horizons and opportunities for orphans.

Helping these disadvantaged youth find employment is crucial to their chances to successfully engage in society and firms have an important role to play.


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Improve the outcomes into employment for young people leaving care

Perhaps one of the most important aspects influencing the future stability of those leaving Care (and their future families and next generation of children) is the ability to have employment. Our STEP life skills programme provides employability skills workshops and  opportunities to help care leavers access employment.

 Teenagers in care benefit from:

  •  Employability skills coaching.
  •  Interactive visits to firms and colleges. On location soft skills training.
  •  Internships
  •  Work placements

Partnering firms join a successful project that has measurable social impact,

“DC L’vivtex, the Danish textile company has been participating in the Job orientation programme since 2012, providing frequent interactive visits to teenagers from orphanages.. This has led to 8 of these teenagers choosing to become a seamstress once they left Care and they have now entered vocational college. Our firm has provided internships for 5 girls with paid work experience. We are happy to give regular financial support to sponsor Care in Action activities in the L’viv region that directly influence the lives of many orphans and disadvantaged children.”  – Mariya Budaveya, Project Manager  L’vivtex (Video HERE)

     Sica Footwear company

“Our company which produces high tech footwear has the vision that everything in our life is important. When you help others and do such things like provide job orientation visits for teenagers who are wondering what they will do once they leave Care, it provides a mutual interaction that brings a huge benefit for both parties. The teenagers were so excited to be see the company from the inside and their eyes were sparkling when they had the opportunity to try things themselves.

We will create appropriate conditions for those who get interested, so they will have the opportunity to practice more and in due time we will be very happy to see them amongst our staff. We are immensely pleased to hold such visits for the teenagers. It is a win win situation for all of us.”  – Oleh Yanytskyi, Director (Video HERE)

     Interactive visits to companies

Many teenagers growing up in care have little idea of what job possibilities are available and have almost no interaction with the ‘real world’ of work.  Yet work not only provides the best route out of poverty, it increases the self worth of the individual and gives a sense of purpose and structure. By providing these teenagers an inside view of different companies and teaching employability skills we are helping to  improve their chances to earn a living and have a stable future.

     Advantages for the young people:

  •  Broadens their horizons as to possible future jobs and what training they need.
  •  Encourages them to see the worth of education to increase their future options.
  •  Gives real life examples of what personal qualities and skills the employer is looking for.
  •  Learns from others who have ‘worked their way up’.
  •  Provides internships and work experience.
  •  Boosts their self esteem.

     Advantages for your company:

  •  You are helping to provide a local solution to help these vulnerable teenagers.
  •  Taking part in a structured project that fulfils your Corporate Social Responsibility.
  •  You’ll build a positive image for your business and raise its profile in the local area.
  •  Increase the number of potential new employees.

     What we offer:

  •  Care in Action offers partnering and cooperation to provide local firms with CSR possibilities.
  •  Co-ordination of excursions with the Children’s care institutions and your firm.
  •  Our personnel accompany the children and help with the implementation of the tour.
  •  Training and assistance on how to implement an interactive visit.
  •  Help with preparation of handouts to give to teenagers about your company.
  •  Mentoring of teenager when offered a work placement.


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