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STEP Life Skills


Maria Antoniv – STEP project coordinator, marketing manager.

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STEP – Life Skills Coaching and Support programme

To prepare and assist vulnerable and institutionalised youth throughout the precarious transition into independent self-supporting adulthood. 

What is the problem we are working on? 

All teenagers need to be prepared for the real world. The transition to adulthood is no easy task at the best of times. Finding and keeping a job, handling money, being aware of scams – there is a lot to learn.  Imagine being on your own after growing up in a Care institution at 15 or 16, having no parental supervision and no one responsible for you. No one to turn to.  No wonder these children are among some of the most at risk populations.

in Ukraine, 70% of them slip into a life of crime, prostitution, commit suicide or become homeless after leaving care and having to fend for themselves. Few are able to lead a somewhat decent stable life.

A 19 year old former Care leaver sums up her experience: “As for me, there is a real need for preparation for independent life. Because in my institution and in school, they did everything and decided everything for us. But now where I have left, I need to decide and deal with all issues and matters all by myself” Vira Perevertnyuk,  Chervonograd,Ukraine.


What’s our approach to solving it?

To provide a structured life skills programme that is designed to equip teenagers in care for the challenges they will face in their future lives.

Their job and career possibilities are enhanced, we develop their social and employability skills and assist them to integrate into society. An important element of the course is to boost self esteem and decision making skills that will empower the teens to face the challenges in life. 

The STEP programme rests on 4 pillars:

Life Skills coaching: interactive workshops cover vital topics such as: conflict solving, human trafficking,  sex education, money management.

Job orientation Programme: prepares teenagers for the world of work through employability skills workshops, informative visits to local  firms and educational institutions, Internships and work placements in partnering firms boost confidence and improve  outcomes into full time employment.

Personal support  through “one on one” Mentoring and child development programs “Together.”

Spreading our efforts and assistance through networking with NGO’s, churches and with local government bodies. Seminars, workshops and experience exchange programmes are held. Some of our class materials are made available to interested parties to further our efforts beyond our own geographical and financial limitations.


If you have any further questions, interest in networking or cooperation for the implementation of the programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.








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