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Questions you might have

(Care in Action eV  and  Turbota v Dij  NGO in Ukraine, are usually abbreviated as” CA”  in this text)

Who is involved in the program?

Three parties are involved:

  • You, the sponsor,
  • A designated Care in Action administrator who services the program.
  • The child, together with his family or legal guardian.

How is the child selected?

All our projects, including this sponsorship program, support vulnerable children from residential- or foster care or from families at risk. On location, the CA program administrator, CA staff and in some cases close project partners, will carefully select, screen and monitor a needy child or a deserving known needy family. Children or families are carefully selected on the basis of  their established need, as well as their known desire of wanting to succeed in life. During their participation, their progress, changes which might affect their eligibility and their ongoing compliance with the requirements of the program are closely monitored.

How does the child receive my donation?

The sponsorship primarily supports ways, which promote “self help” efforts of the recipient.
The donations are placed into a designated sponsorship common pot account. After processing it is passed on to either the Care in Action administrator in Ukraine or in Malawi.  On location the child or teenager typically does not receive direct cash as for example from a welfare system, because giving the child money does not ensure responsible spending. Instead the money will be used by the responsible CA administrator to pay for education and personal development related needs. These can include vocational training- and apprenticeship related costs and needs with the goal to prepare the child to get a suitable job. There are occasions, which are specific to the individual or family, where non educational needs could be met as an exception. The child will have better chances in a stable environment and with the most basic human needs met. The C.A. administrator keeps all relevant records, receipts and accounts. The child’s needs and active participation in the program are most important.

How much does the child actually receive of my gift?

More than 81 % of each gift is directly used for the child, the remainder pays for local projects within the child’s environment and the administration expenses. While we attempt to keep project costs to an absolute minimum, only professional administration and consistent monitoring will ensure the success of the program. In some cases the children receiving sponsorship will also benefit from our other regular interactive programs for free, so in the end most of them actually receive much more than your monthly gift.

Can I communicate with my child directly?

  • Yes you can. The CA sponsorship administrator will facilitate contact and where needed provide a basic translation in English for your correspondence at least once or twice a year. We do ask to please keep translated correspondence somewhat brief to avoid spiralling translation time and cost. Some teenagers are learning English and could understand some basics, if you can write in Ukrainian all the better.
  • In any case, in order to protect the child and it’s feelings, we will ask you to stick to some basic advice, such as: Always consider your sponsored child’s background and culture. I.e. it’s best not to write about the material things you own, since your child has few possessions. Instead do feel free to share about your family, friends, your pet and your interests if you wish.
  • Of course you can send a postcard or include a personal photo as long as you are sensitive when choosing photos, as possessions and standards of clothing, religion and modesty often vary greatly. If possible please use smallish envelopes in standard postal formats.
  • Never enclose cash gifts with your correspondence as it creates many problems.
  • For the good of all involved parties, correspondence is monitored by the administrator, especially during the first year or when exceptional circumstances ask for it. Please do send all postal correspondence to our post-box, it will be passed on to the child:
    Care in Action,  Zelena 44/31, UA – 79016 L’viv,  Ukraine.
    If email correspondence is preferred, please always send it addressed to: with subject line “child sponsorship Nr…”

What if the child asks me for further gifts or for more financial help?

In such as case, even if it is for something seemingly “normal”,  something others have too, the CA administrator and/or you can explain, that you have chosen to support the child’s educational desires and abilities. If you wish, you can add an explanation like:  You do have your own budget carefully planned out; or … to buy things one has to work for them… or similar.

In order not to get into such an awkward situation in the first place, we recommend that you do not ask a child what he or she wants, for example, for birthdays, Christmas etc. Your support already makes a huge difference in the child’s life. Now simply a postcard, a few sincere warm words encouraging the child’s efforts to learn or to study might be the most valuable sign of your care and concern and have the greatest positive effect.

Any gift, especially those in the child’s country that is considered expensive or a luxury, is prone to develop and support the child’s wrong consumer attitude. Worse yet, especially true in the case of many orphans, or social orphans, it is proven to develop his/her victim mentality which tells him: ‘I have had tough luck, hence I deserve to get something or even everything, without any effort and it must be like that because I am an orphan. You owe it to me ‘.  and though children from families at risk might differ in this regard and be grateful, we still recommend to try to stick to our assisting self help focused goals.

Unfortunately most children from residential care such as orphanages, do not experience day in day out, how a caring mum and dad work very hard for making a living, how they are often exhausted by the end of the day and are having to count every penny even for the most basic shopping. Other children in their part of the world experience this all their life, it helps shape their young character.  But getting material things by simply asking, begging or by manipulating,  children quickly learn, then take it for granted that this is the way to get things. It usually has the opposite effect on them as is intended. It inadvertently impairs the child’s character development. It’s a bit like clipping the wing of a young bird, later on in life it will not be able to fly and feed itself.  It is important, that a child has a chance to experience over time the relation between value and the sacrifice of time and hard work which affords an item.

As an exception, you still wish to send a special one off gift to your child above the sponsorship, or to send a parcel, please contact your CA administrator to discuss and coordinate your extra giving first. This is best done by email to: , with subject line “child sponsorship Nr… ” Custom procedures and costs are considerable and must be sorted out first.

For further insight, we recommend articles such as:  “You are still a child” by Yaryna Ponizhay (also included in your sponsorship info pack).

Please do communicate and encourage your child if you wish.

You can be even more than a sponsor, be their friend, their encourager!  Your sponsorship is an important support in your child’s life. Extreme domestic problems and poverty tells children they’re not important – but you can make a difference, you can help to change that.  You can cheer them on as they face struggles in their life and you can tell them that you believe in them! Knowing that they do matter to someone and that you care for them could change their life forever.

Thank you for joining our efforts to change the lives of vulnerable children in Ukraine and in Malawi.

Together we can make a considerable difference.

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