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Child Sponsorship

A self help orientated financial support program can make for some of the most vulnerable members of society a remarkable difference in life. It can make the difference between a child getting the needed support to complete education and to find job opportunities, or not managing life. We find this holds especially true for some of the children and teens raised in various residential care institutions such orphanages or for those from families at risk. The extensive suffering of most parts of Ukrainian society due to the armed conflict with separatists, as well as Malawi’s enormous problems with aids, have intensified the problems. Those already on the margins find it very difficult to cope, to provide their children the needed education and basic opportunities.


This monthly sponsorship program is designed to help carefully selected children in need to have better chances in life and to develop their own potential and talents. Primarily it supports their wish and efforts to succeed in school, in job training and /or to stave off problems of severe poverty. –  It is not simply a hand out, but a focused self help method which empowers their own endeavours. In exceptional cases, which are specific to the individual or family, additional needs that are no educational should be met too. The child will have better chances in a stable environment and with the most basic human needs met. These children have even in the best of circumstances a very difficult start in life. To make matters worse, for economic, a lack of coaching or a number of different reasons, many cannot complete their schooling, cannot develop their potential nor learn a profession. Often this leads to low self esteem, to falling way behind scholastically, in society and later on in life.

Your gift can make a remarkable difference by empowering a child to succeed in life.

The program

  • The child sponsorship program is set up to help a child regardless of race, religion or gender, chiefly in Ukraine and in Malawi.*
  • A Care in Action program administrator, on location staff or partners will locate, screen and match a specific deserving child to your sponsorship and inform you accordingly.
  • Sponsors will receive a photo, a brief description of the situation which led to the child’s need, an info pack, a sponsorship number and a certificate.
  • If desired, the partnership administrator will assist you and the child with communication, questions or needs, in both Ukrainian and English language. Under exceptional circumstances translation help can be given in Russian, German or French.
  • Over time sponsors have the opportunity to know, care for and encourage a specific child and will hear from and about him/her, at least once or twice a year.
  • The sponsorship program will often work hand in hand with other Care in Action child support programs, meaning the child / teen will often be receiving personal support from someone on our team. These include: Our mentoring program “Guardian Angel”; life skills coaching for teenagers “STEP”; child development program “Together” and or our support programs for guardians and parents. (For more information on these regular programmes please see our website:

Your funding 

  • Monthly donations of € 30 are needed per child. It can make a remarkable difference to the child’s chances to succeed in life. Sponsors do not have a contractual financial responsibility and are of course free to end their sponsorship anytime they wish.
  • We will inform you of the child’s progress regularly and always as soon as he / she can manage unassisted in life and no longer needs sponsorship. At the ending of the child’s partnership participation you will automatically be given a choice whether you want to discontinue or take on a new child.
  • Larger- and one off donations designated to the “sponsorship program” are also welcome and much needed. They are being placed into the same sponsorship common pot and used in the same manner as the monthly donations.
  • At the beginning of each year, sponsors donating through the CA account below, will automatically receive a German tax deductible donation receipt for the past years contributions.
  • Banking: Please do make a monthly standing order – designated to “sponsorship program”  for:   Care in Action eV   (Germany),  Commerzbank,

                IBAN:  DE12 7004 0041 0367 0700 01        BIC: COBADEFFXXX

* Malawi sponsorship uses the same partnership designated bank account  and follows the same basic procedure as for Ukraine, though correspondence might be routed differently.

Thank you for joining our efforts to change the life of vulnerable children. We are helping them to have a better chance to succeed in life.

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