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Foster-families / FSOs

9dGM-PdeV_4 Mariia Putilina – FSO (Family Style Orphanages) and Foster Families project coordinator.

We promote and support family style models of care such as Family Style Orphanages (FSO’s) and Foster Families – in a manner which facilitates self help.

In our opinion, besides adoption, FSO’s and Foster families are in most cases the best possible solution for bringing up children deprived of parental care. It is no easy job and we know firsthand just how important it is for parents to have support and time to ‘recharge their batteries.’  Having regular contact with others in the same situation to exchange ideas and encouragement, occasional time off from being with the children or being able to get professional assistance when needed is such a boost. Both the parents as well as the children benefit when they have  support from others, and have someone trusted to take time with or do some activities with the children and teenagers.

Together with our staff and psychologist we do what we can to offer such assistance to partnering FSO’s and foster parents in Western Ukraine:

  • Their children are supported through child development programmes and with personal mentoring by trained volunteers. Events and workshops are organized for teenagers to provide interactive STEP life skills coaching on a variety of topics that help prepare teenagers for independent life and the ‘world of work’.
  • Parents / staff of partnering care families in Ukraine benefit by partaking on workshops, experience exchanges and occasional professional assistance (psychologist / councilor).
  • “Parenting in Action” quarterly publication is designed as a platform to provide relevant parenting and childcare information, tips, advise and counsel, helpful contact addresses / links etc. Parents are also encourage to actively participate by sharing their experiences and questions.


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